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Three Percent Of Google Employees Are Hispanic

The signature data revealed the diversity of its employees Technology giant Google released information on the diversity of its employees by gender and ethnicity, a graph in which men dominate (70%) and whites (61 percent), while only 30% of Google employees are women and 3%...
Posted On 30 May 2014
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Five Types Of Employee That Nobody Wants

Are you or have any of them? Far from committing to their work, there are employees thinning climate in the workplace and even take away valuable time. Having an unproductive worker can come to mean a working day lost week. Not all employees are committed to their work, says...
Posted On 16 May 2014
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Farmers Increase Wages To Attract Workers From Field To California

Less availability Primitivo Santiago GutiĂ©rrez works in the Bakersfield harvesting apricots and some time it has been noticed that many farmers are offering slightly higher wages for their work. The reason: there are fewer workers available for crops. “Before gangs had 30...
Posted On 10 May 2014
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The Top Ten U.S. Cities To Work In

Based on the number of jobs and growth in recent years, Forbes presents the big cities that are best to work around the country. SAN JOSE - SUNNYVALE - SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA Number of jobs in 2013: 982,000 Increase in 2013: 4.3% 2008-2013 increase: 8.1% SAN...
Posted On 01 May 2014
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The Most Demanded Jobs In Linkedin

The social network LinkedIn jobs made a list of the skills most sought by companies during 2013. The company analyzed data, skills and employment history of its more than 259 million members and look what he found. 1. Marketing in social media. Task-management and planning of...
Posted On 24 Apr 2014
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Levi’s Will Eliminate 800 Jobs

The company seeks to cut costs The clothing company San Francisco, Levi Strauss & Co. reported that it will eliminate 800 jobs as part of an effort to cut costs. 20 Minutes agencies assure that the firm, known for its denim clothing, wants to reduce its costs between 175...
Posted On 02 Apr 2014
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Ten Secrets That Linkedin Does Not Tell You

William Arruda, an expert in social networks, shared some tips and tricks to make LinkedIn work the best presentation tool. 1. The perfect time to turn off updates. When you go to update your LinkedIn profile to make sure my privacy control and off the updates. With that your...
Posted On 07 Mar 2014
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Jobs In The United States - A Guide To Action

Live and work in the United States dream of many people. America has long been a symbol of freedom, stability and prosperity. But how to get there? For most of the dream still remains a distant and unattainable. It separates you from not only the ocean, but the lack of a concrete...
Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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Top Jobs of 2014

Software developer at the head Being a software developer is the best job for the first time in history, according to U.S. News & World Report, thanks to a combination of excellent employment prospects. Through a statement, U.S. News & World Report reported that despite...
Posted On 18 Feb 2014
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