Praiseworthy Vintage Chanel 2.55 Bag And Expert Direction How To Buy Real Chanel Bag

The Chanel 2.55 bag is one of the most coveted vintage bags in the world, a real ‘It bag’ for fashion addicts. It is a classic vintage bag that was designed in 1955 by Coco Chanel, and 50 years later, the Chanel 2.55 still as elegant and timeless as ever. In 2005 it was re-released and unleashed an...
Posted On 11 May 2014
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When The Fashion Design Moves To Award

Many designs have become a real hit on the red carpet. Trends in fashion are no longer exclusive to the runways, red carpets are implanted in in photocall and up the street own dictate what you get; the impact is such that designs lately overshadow the facts. It speaks more to the outfit of the prize or to them....
Posted On 09 May 2014
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Lingerie To Raise The Temperature

Find out how to surprise your beau with this series of ‘tips’ that will raise the temperature of your bedroom! No more insecurities and things halfway. The following lingerie ignites the flame of passion in your bedroom, so get ready and pay attention. Achieve your guy does not leave the party blowout...
Posted On 30 Apr 2014
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15 Tips For Properly Using The ‘Crop Top’

Give warm welcome this time of a sexy, cool way, but especially suitable only thing you have to do is follow these ‘tips’! The ‘crop top‘ is an excellent alternative to show off hot body this season! How about you, you already know how to use them? If not, you pay close attention. If you...
Posted On 24 Apr 2014
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The Bikinis 2014 Are Coming!

Does the garment to wear for the beach is at the forefront or more burnt than the sun? These are the trends that will invade the warm season 2014! The heat is coming and with it the time to look the best trends and your body! Already know what bikinis are on trend? The pattern ‘folk’ invade the beaches...
Posted On 29 Mar 2014
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Colors And Materials In The Hot Season

It’s another light color season and we will know. The shops hang now full of bright colors, sometimes quite intense in color but mostly white anyway and (sober) pastel. This combined with the spring and summer fabrics, is that the consumer is nice weather made ​​for a wonderful spring and summer. Early...
Posted On 14 Mar 2014
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