May 2014, The Month Of Cosmic Gifts For Each Sign

This month of May comes loaded with very good energy. Ends Mars retrograde traffic on 20 and there are several cosmic movements which emphasize a constant in your life: I fix when you define situations that did not have clear and you project safely to conquer new horizons. Did you fear losing things away from your...
Posted On 06 May 2014
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Find Your Mystical Number To Make Your Money Grow

Do you need money? Using knowledge of ancient numerological and mystical wisdom to attract prosperity into your life? Is it possible with the application of a single number and a U.S. dollar bill can leverage our resources? Although everyone knows that riches are forged based on our initiative, our ingenuity,...
Posted On 26 Apr 2014
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The Predictions For Your Sign In April

Now is the month of Aries and Taurus, a sign ends and another begins-the latter between 19 and 20 depending on where you live. Also two eclipses will occur, one of Luna, we see in this part of the world, and take effect on the 15th with Libra Moon in Scorpio transit, and later one of Sun in Taurus sign on 29. Mars...
Posted On 02 Apr 2014
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