Climate Change Wreaks Havoc In U.S.

Posted On 06 May 2014
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The White House called to act “urgently” to climate change, with disastrous effects on the U.S…

Climate change is transforming the United States into a country increasingly affected by the storms, air pollution and disease, according to a new federal scientific report.

Given this report, the White House called to act “urgently” to climate change.

Different damage caused by climate change “will surely be increasingly noticeable throughout the country in this century and beyond,” concluded the National Climate Assessment.

If you do not take action, this increase in sea levels will result in long-term inexorable loss of low lying areas like Florida (southeast), or the Mississippi Delta in Louisiana (south).

In the southwest of the country, where the population increased sharply in the last 30 years, “predicts climate change challenges for a region that is already dry and will become even more dry, especially in the South, and hotter,” according the document.

Louisiana is “sinking”

The document also points out that there are vital components for threatened by rising water levels or increasing the number of tropical cyclones affecting coastal economy.

This is the case of the route number 1 in Louisiana, strategic for the oil production and yet is “sinking” with increasing water level.

According to estimates of the document, if this route becomes unusable for just three months, the U.S. economy would generate 7,800 million.

The report is part of President Obama’s efforts to advance a program to combat global warming, lockout remains in a drawer in Congress.

President Barack Obama, who promised repeatedly during his campaign to act on climate change before meeting the intransigence of Congress, is scheduled to speak about it on Tuesday during a series of television interviews, as president.

If the nation and the world do not change the way we use energy, “continue along the path of greater dangers and damage described in great detail in the remainder of this report,” said one of the study authors, Henry Jacoby, director Deputy Joint Program on Science and Policy of Global Change at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jacoby, other scientists and the White House said it is the most detailed scientific study and report focused on the United States on global warming.

Climate change, once considered a change in the distant future, has forged ahead with this,” said the report. “The corn growers in Iowa, oyster farmers in the state of Washington and Oak syrup producers in Vermont observe all the climate-related changes that are out of recent experience.”

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