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Posted On 19 May 2014
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You can learn a lot of things that you dream; it teaches you things you maybe would not think at first. What about a snake in your dream?

The dream

If you wake up and have dreamed about a snake you can initially might overwhelm. It may be that you are not so concerned with the meaning of your dreams, but a snake in your dream is often experienced as very intimidating. And not without reason! A snake in your dream can have many meanings depending on the context of your dream. If you are not normally concerned with the meaning of your dreams, it is not surprising that now you’re going to look, anyway because besides intimidating feelings experienced many who dream about a snake also emotions like anger, anxiety and mild panic. This makes it important to look at what the snake in your dream was trying to make you. Clear this is not airy-fairy stuff as some might think; it’s a message from your subconscious. Maybe there are problems that you have ignored in your life, the last time or not spend. Enough attention to also, the entire state of mind as you have experienced during the dream is very important. So try before we start looking at the further meaning first you pick exactly how the dream went. Again to mind In addition, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How the snake appeared in my dream, how do I get there?
  • What I felt during the dream when I saw the snake, which was the atmosphere?
  • I was bitten by the snake?
  • What if I had first thought when I woke up?
  • How did the rest of my dream?

General meaning of a snake in your dream

Regardless of the further interpretation of the snake in your dream, there are some general characteristics due to the appearance of a snake in your dream. First, there is a snake symbolizes something in your life that you - keep busy - perhaps unconsciously. This is probably something you have to know, but not to pay enough attention. Because you do not have enough listen to yourself this is also embedded in your subconscious. This is reflected in the dream and explains the presence of the snake in your dream. However, the things that keep you busy are not generally positive nature. Secondly, a characteristic of a snake in your dream that bring the problems you also keeps you doing about change. This could include things as a move where you are nervous. Thirdly, there is a feature that allows a snake very special in your dream: it comes from the deepest grounds of your soul. It is an indication of something you love really, really busy. Finally, a snake in your dream is almost always an indication of something that you experience as a danger to your life. This again goes along with a change that keeps you busy and coming from the depths of your soul.

Atmosphere of the dream where a snake appears in

Earlier, I asked you to yourself to find out what was the overall atmosphere of the dream where a snake in common. It is important that this atmosphere feels good and dare to speak out, because it can be the meaning of the snake in your dream totally change. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere is mainly due to a fear that takes place in your life where you’re hard lately to fight back. The friendly atmosphere in which the serpent appears means you have a positive development will continue and are your fears to overcome. However, when you encounter a negative atmosphere in the tube, there are often fears in the game that you do not have enough courage to fight against. This settles into your subconscious because you might not listen to your feelings or they are not completely processed.

Interaction with the hose

Another point of attention is what you do with the snake when he appeared in your dream. Thus, the fact that you are bitten by a snake, which in turns contributed to the possibly fearful atmosphere in your dream. If you are bitten by the snake, then this is an indication that you have to spend on things that you avoid or do not dare to tackle more attention. Maybe there are unresolved trauma or have concerns about certain things. You have to remember that this dream comes from your own subconscious. Your body says to you, do something about it! Not for anyone else, but for your own good.

If you fight with the snake in your dream, it means that you just that confront the fears and insecurities of your life, but you ignore this many your own emotions. You have to dare to express how you feel about certain things, you can solve! Only way to yourself.

Finally, it may also be that you talk to the hose or vice versa. This is an indication of a development in your life that you are currently undergoing or about to undergo. It symbolizes awareness about certain things in your life that keeps you very busy. These may be things in your immediate environment, such as your family and friends, but it can also be much broader in nature, such as knowledge about the world. One thing remains certain: it will keep you very busy anyway. To you whether this is enough or not.

After the dream

It’s good that you’re going to find the deeper meaning that can be attributed to this appearance. By you dream about snake information the snake symbolizes something big in your life that deserve attention. The meanings that I wrote to the appearance of a snake in your dream to be mostly of a general nature, it is up to you the deeper meaning due to the appearance. It is a message from your deepest subconscious; this should not be ignored in any case!

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