Joseph Blatter Acknowledged That Deliver The World Cup To Qatar Was A Mistake

Posted On 17 May 2014
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Joseph Blatter is making changes to FIFA.

The FIFA President Sepp Blatter admitted it was a “mistake” to have granted the organization of 2022 World Football Qatar. Eight years after the outbreak, and a few weeks of the opening of the World Cup in Brazil, the debate takes on the amplitude of the most popular organization in the world competition in this rich Gulf country where summer temperatures reach 40 ° C and 50 ° C. “Yes, of course,” Blatter said when a reporter from the Swiss broadcaster RTS asked if he had been a mistake to have given the World to Qatar due to the sweltering heat of the emirate.

But “as you know, everyone makes mistakes in life,” he added. “The technical report actually indicated that Qatar was too hot in summer, but the Executive Committee [FIFA] decided by a quite large majority [World] will be played in” Qatar, “said Blatter. Given this situation,” is more than likely “that the World-2022 is played during the winter (boreal), said the FIFA president, who repeatedly proposed change traditional dates of the tournament.”

Best date would be by year-end. You have to be a little realistic. For me, if change us [dates], and you have to change, because you cannot play in the summer although Qatar insist on it, you must play in winter, year-end, “had said on April 21.

INFORMATION MADE FIFA ON TOLD BY BLATTER In a statement, FIFA declined to details on these statements. “President reiterated that the decision to host the World Cup in Qatar in the summer was a mistake. At no time questions the organization of the World-2022 in Qatar, “says the text. FIFA announced in December 2010, the attribution of the World-2022 to the emirate, powerful and gas producer based its strategy of international communication on participation very active in world sport.

Doha says one day get to the Olympics, organizes next year’s World Handball and bought in 2011 Paris SG, who just won his second consecutive title of champion of France.

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