The Brazilian World Cup 2014 Cities, What Else Is There To Do?

Posted On 19 May 2014
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Once every four years, there are four weeks in the sign of the World Cup. Even though most of the attention to the football event itself, outside the football stadium where the 2014 World Cup is played Brazilian real life waits to be discovered. In all twelve Brazilian World Cup cities, namely plenty to see and do. The interesting culture to the relaxed beach life and the vibrant nightlife of the overwhelming nature.

The three group stage matches the USA football team has to stand on the program are respectively Natal, Manaus, and Recife played. But the nine other World Cup cities - namely Fortaleza, Salvador, Porto Alegre and São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Curitiba and Cuiabá have interesting hotspots that are not only loved by the locals but also absolutely worthy by tourists to be visited.


In Salvador, the old town Pelourinho, the church of Nossa Senhora does Rosário dos Pretos to be precise, a favorite spot of the locals. They seek here on Tuesday evening around seven hours for a place to enjoy a free concert by Gerônimo. This well-known local musician, dressed in traditional West African attire, performs with a brass band and a group of dancers.

Evenings out are often concluded with a cocktail in the bar of the Convento do Carmo. This luxury hotel is situated in a sixteenth-century abbey, has a beautiful garden where you have the place pretty much to yourself during off peak. Many residents of Salvador celebrate their wedding here every year with a romantic candlelight dinner.

Porto Alegre

The city of Porto Alegre is famous for the delicious grilled meats and churrasco this is a visit to a churrascaria - Brazilian version of a steakhouse -therefore a must. Usually you pay a flat rate for all-you-can-eat ‘night out, a service in Brazil is also called. Rodizio the waiters bring on a night like large amounts of grilled meat to your table and then cut out the pieces as you want. A popular among the locals churrascaria is Galpao Crioulo at Rua Otávio Carusa Francisco da Rocha.

On the weekends it is nice to wander around on Avenida Jose Bonifacio. On Saturday there is a cozy organic market place and on Sunday you can be strolling and sniffing on the antiques market.

São Paulo

According to the locals Secs Pompeia is one of the best cultural hotspots of São Paulo. Secs Pompeia is a very old factory that was converted into the eighties to a hip complex with some connected by footbridges exhibition spaces, a library, several workshops, a swimming pool and one of the best concert halls in the city.

The locals also come in like Spot, a restaurant with a full glass façade and modern minimalist decor. The menu is contemporary with much original fusion cuisine. The crowd is relaxed, good looks and flirts merrily. This really is a place to see and be seen.


Fortaleza is one of the most popular beach destinations in Brazil. Among the local population is Praia do Mucuripe one of the most favorite beaches. This beach is of course ideal to relax, but it also offers good opportunities for rafting. The teams present always are place for an extra man on their rafts, so you just have a moment to ask if you can leave with them.

Near the beach of Iracema is the cultural center Dragão do Mar accessible. The locals usually start here with a visit to an exhibition and then recharge the batteries with a cup of coffee in the cafe. In Dragão do Mar are plenty of opportunities to enjoy music, dance and theater. Then there are often quickly brought a pizza and then dance in one of the neighboring clubs. Till the wee hours


Another popular beach destination Natal. The spectacular dunes at Genipabu are especially popular with locals for its ability to sandboarding. If the kick it gives also want to feel, can spot rent the necessary equipment.

Those who prefer a more relaxed leisure, the Parque da Cidade an excellent option. The park includes the favorite of many locals building a futuristic-looking, concrete tower with a restaurant where you have a beautiful view of the surroundings. Both the park and the surrounding area have been designed by Oscar Niemeyer, a Brazilian architect.

Lovers of a night out to eat often choose the cozy restaurant Camarões Potiguar. A local specialty - - This delicious shrimp dishes. Advance booking is recommended, as it is always extremely busy.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is known worldwide for reasons including the Christ statue, the Sugar Loaf and Copacabana beach. Many people travel to this city on spec, without a fixed schedule or destination, and have a fantastic time. Specifically, the Nature in the city and many locals like to visit Floresta da Tijuca, a gigantic forest in the mountains, with beautiful views of the city.

For a cultural night out visit locals flocking the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil in the historic center of Rio de Janeiro. The imposing former bank building exhibitions, and there are three theaters and two cinemas. Furthermore, we like to go out in Lapa. Life takes place here on the street and you can dance to all kinds of music.


A favorite excursion among the local population of Manaus is a cruise to spot, visit the native community Dessano and canoeing in the watery jungle of January. Nature pink dolphins From Manaus you about an hour to get there. Along the way you include the opportunity to Econtros das Águas admire the point where the Rio Negro and the Rio Solimões meet.

The most original place to eat out is located in the middle of the jungle. In the river Taruma Açu is the floating restaurant Peixe-Boi - what ‘Manatee’ means - to find. It serves traditional dishes Amazon presented, including the delicious stew caldeirada the tucunare.

Belo Horizonte

The city of Belo Horizonte is known throughout Brazil for its beautiful modern architecture. Oscar Niemeyer, the chief architect of the country, built two must-sees: the Igreja de São Francisco de Assis and the architecture and design center Casa do Baile. For both works, he has again made use of concrete.

To escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the locals will prefer to Mangabeiras, a huge and well maintained park in the district of the same name. At the top of the mountain you can enjoy the fantastic views of the sea and the beautiful skyline of skyscrapers - belo horizonte in Brazilian - after which the city is named. Obviously this is the most beautiful at sunset.


Recife has great beaches that are also hugely popular with the locals. They preferably go to Boa Viagem beach with a strip of no less than eight kilometers long. Many locals are also happy to sit by Biruta, a popular beach where it is relax, especially in the late afternoon. In the evening you can have a romantic dinner. One suggestion is to sit on the first floor because you got a nice view over the water.

For many a cultural hotspot is the Instituto Ricardo Brennand. This is a castle that was built by the art collector Ricardo Brennand to present his collection to accommodate. The focus is on paintings made in Dutch Brazil are.


The inhabitants of the capital Brasilia go for a healthy dose of culture like at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. This is a fun place with art exhibitions, a theater and a cinema, a bookstore and a bar. Moreover, it is a charming place to have a picnic with friends.

Who is planning a day trip to attract those visiting Pirenópolis, a historic town that lies some 150 kilometers away. Here you will find beautiful colonial architecture and many waterfalls in the nearby area. Particularly, the Festa do Divino Espírito Santo, an annual Catholic procession. Also a must see are the rocks and waterfalls of the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, which is north of the city.


Curitiba is a city for people who love good food. The locals like to come to the Mercado Municipal, the covered market. Here you can buy every imaginable fruit, vegetables and Brazilian specialties. Many locals ironing here regularly down in a cozy eatery that serves traditional cuisine. You cannot leave without the feijoada - having tasted -National bean dish,

In the district of Santa Felicida be found. Excellent restaurants one of the favorites of the locals is Madalosso, a restaurant that continually wins awards. After a nice dinner often does one dance in one of the many bars in Avenida do Batel.


Although the residents of Cuiabá their own city do not want to short the locals still tell Cuiabá for visitors especially the perfect base for Patanal is. In terms of diversity in flora and fauna, this is indeed one of the richest areas in the world. Due to the fact that the landscape consists largely of savanna and wetlands, are the hundreds of birds and quadrupeds are easy to spot. The Patanal is vast, sparsely populated and relatively undiscovered, so you will think you are far away from civilization. The traditional culture of the local pantaneiros - cowboys - adds to the feeling that you’re in a special place is here.

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