Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Engaged!

Posted On 01 Mar 2014
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  • Good news! Ashton and Mila marry.

  • Is very happy, but not before the paparazzi it seems.
  • The famous little couple has decided to formalize their relationship.
  • Her love is not new, since 1998 was responsible for cupid unite.

  • These two handsome met on the popular shows that ’70s Show.
  • Since then they were rise sharply.
  • But her love was a high, life took different paths.
  • It was in January 2012 when rumors of a romance began to ring.

  • Mila denied immediately.
  • She argued that it was something “absurd.”
  • But love cannot be hidden.
  • The paparazzi were quick to capture them with kisses and hugs.
  • Since then the couple are no longer hiding their love.
  • Spilling Honey!
  • But this pair of stars is very jealous of their privacy.
  • They do not like the cameras are persecuted everywhere.
  • No saved your romance is one of the most photographed.
  • With this it becomes clear that the reason Mila hates the paparazzi.
  • Many rumors have surrounded the couple. The principal, “Demi Moore fell into depression seeing them so happy.”
  • But they have also assured many times that Mila is pregnant, but has never proven to be true.

  • But we love it!
  • What Mila and Ashton is so serious that and to live with their families.
  • Here we see the handsome actor for a walk with your loved one and your in-laws.

  • But as in any relationship is not all hunky-dory, here we saw them arguing.
  • Although anger takes them little.

  • Within seconds they put aside their differences.
  • They kissed!
  • We notice that they are for one another and die wait to see them walk down the aisle.
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