Jennifer Lopez Without A Drop Of Makeup And Newly Awakened

Posted On 11 Feb 2014
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  • The famous 44 year old arrived in his private jet at an airport in Miami.
  • I was going to wash face, hair in a bun and wearing of pants.
  • It came placidly asleep in flight, with its entire neck pillow.

  • A stretch to not enquirer!
  • She sure opt for the comfort for traveling …
  • Casper was carrying one of the little ones asleep.
  • Now the faces or saw them.
  • Jennifer has a full schedule of work and therefore must take every possible moment to take a nap.
  • An approach to its ‘sneakers’.
  • She came to Miami for various work commitments, including a meeting with Pitbull.

  • Sure, it’s not the first or only time we’ve seen “natural”. Keep looking at the pictures for another example.
  • One day the Latin diva can shine on a red carpet and the next day are disheveled. Are Jennifer Lopez luxuries that only you can give?
  • It came to Washington, stunning to receive an award for his humanitarian aid.
  • Wearing curves, transparencies and Jennifer Lopez only this size can boast.
  • But like every Cinderella, the next day is the worst … ready? Keep clicking and you’ll see.
  • Jennifer Lopez was all smiles when he came out a few days ago with her daughter Emme.

  • She covered her eyes with black glasses first.
  • But while her gemelita painted, she went out to take some calls.
  • And there looked and saw it was discovered he brought his face washed.
  • Also, that day wore sooo casual.

  • A simple gray shirt that showed her “bra” Pink.
  • She accompanied her look with skinny jeans and some sneakers.
  • Emme and Jennifer painted outside, busy.
  • Who would be talking about?
  • Checking how? Was Max, her other son?
  • Or will you be talking about their projects, such as the tape of the Chilean miners who just left?
  • Jennifer Lopez now leaning against the wall.
  • The famous 44, naturally.
  • The minutes passed and still on the phone.
  • Jennifer, and tend to your baby!
  • Upon his release, he ran into the paparazzi.

  • And she liked the attention …
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