Five Types Of Employee That Nobody Wants

Posted On 16 May 2014
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Are you or have any of them?

Far from committing to their work, there are employees thinning climate in the workplace and even take away valuable time. Having an unproductive worker can come to mean a working day lost week.

Not all employees are committed to their work, says Liliana Silva, director of marketing for the web Grupo Xtra CNN Expansion.

Some experts identify reviewers without commitment to their organization and those who have recurrent thoughts of other companies in a similar position are better paid.

“A motivated employee is synonymous with work in a company that can meet the needs of safety, belonging, esteem, achievement and equity in the deal,” cites the medium Ernesto Magaña, researcher at the Centre for Technical and Higher Education in labor issues.

The average indicates five types of workers that employers do not want:

The automaton. It is he who has initiative. Installs to see the day pass without contributing anything, with routine tasks no matter who would advance the company he works for and the value of labor is zero.

“It’s easy to fall into this category when we are discouraged, when we lost the momentum and when we are engaged in an activity that does not satisfy us,” says Liliana Silva CNN Expansion.

The hyperactive. So that you have defined an almost frantic to address all priorities undefined, or regardless of whether your activity is having a sense for the company. Many of the workers are in this category, it is difficult to prioritize, set goals and chart a path to achieve them.

The duplicator. It is that which by ego, apathy or distraction no question if you are working on something that someone else already did, and performs any task from scratch.

The exaggerated. Some professionals often lead to excesses of information that, far from helping, become the most confusing work. The ideal of the duties of each position is to facilitate the lives of those involved.

The unfinished. The average indicates that you should start with the most complicated and overwhelming then perform the simplest tasks and activities until satisfactory. Although program so effectively, there are people who leave heavy until the end, which creates motivation in their work.

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