Jennifer Lopez Memorize Her Childhood in The Bronx, New York

Although known as Bronx diva has become the mirror in which millions of girls are looking for inspiration, she confesses that most of the leaders who helped him achieve success are not far from the neighborhood where he grew up, and it attaches to the “passion” and “joy” that shed their former neighbors of Bronx-many of them Puerto Rican-origin enthusiasm and determination that guided his first steps to stardom.

“I am very proud to say I grew up in the Bronx, among other things because I grew up in a neighborhood that looked like a small part of Puerto Rico. Such passion and joy that conveyed my family and our neighbors helped me to face the challenges with optimism. It was a community that always exhibited great love and affection for each other, proving that anything is possible in life if you put your heart into it, “said the famous singer to Cosmopolitan magazine for Latinas.

Besides proudly boast of its roots, the music star reveals that much of his childhood was marked by the movie musical ‘West Side Story‚Äô, the story of a group of Puerto Ricans in New York, although Jennifer now considered too “stereotypical” in the time allowed him to identify with the immigrant community in the city and above all, to dream that someday could become as iconic performer Rita Moreno.

“I remember being obsessed with ‘West Side Story‚Äô because it offered a view of the Puerto Rican community and idealistic fun, although not exactly the most representative tape of how we are. Anyway, I felt very connected to the story of my own personal situation, and deeply admired Rita Moreno, one of the great figures in the U.S. Puerto Rican. Was and remains my hero, a woman who inspired me and opened the door to many women like me, “he said wistfully.

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