Kim Kardashian And North West Super Stylish Stroll In Paris

Posted On 22 May 2014
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  • Kim Kardashian is enjoying Paris.
  • They’ve found several outlets around the beautiful city.
  • This time Kim Kardashian dazzled with her stunning figure.
  • No doubt having a curved top.

  • Few days left for Kim Kardashian wedding, surely have confusing nerves.
  • Kim Kardashian wedding with Kanye West will be the biggest event of the year.
  • All cameras are on her.
  • This time she was not accompanied by her future husband (Kanye West).
  • She opted for a much more relaxed with the Topless we surprised a few days ago look.

  • Beautiful!
  • Kim Kardashian has a wasp waist, did competes with Thalia?
  • This time she went for a walk with her daughter.
  • North West and looks very big and beautiful.
  • She looks like mommy or daddy?
  • It has features of both.
  • But surely the eyes are identical to those of her famous mother.
  • Beautiful pair!
  • Kourtney Kardashian went with them.
  • What face so cute!
  • Apparently they are taking care of the final details of their marriage.

  • There are many things to plan, from the invitations, dress, location, to the cake.
  • The entire Kardashian clan is already in Paris.
  • Kris Jenner was the first to arrive.
  • No doubt Kim’s mom is very excited about the wedding.
  • We also saw Khloé, Kendall and Kylie to fly to Paris, they looked very pretty.
  • It will certainly be a great event that nobody wants to lose.
  • Now we see the star wearing white.
  • Although not her first wedding, this time seems it is final.
  • Looks great love with Kanye West.
  • They also have a girl that makes their love stronger.
  • Kim is ready to march down the aisle.
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