Paulina Rubio Has Declared That Four Months Pregnant

Posted On 29 Dec 2013
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Congratulations Paulina Rubio announced last night via a ‘twit cam’ with your Twitter followers having four months pregnant.

‘Pau’ and Gerardo Bazúa got the happy news in a video conference in which they taught ultrasound small, in a few months will make company to Andrea Nicholas, first child of ‘Pau’ from his previous relationship with ‘Colate’.

“Guys, there is an important announcement we want them, we’re pregnant”.

The thousands of congratulations for the couple did not stop at the networks. Her people closest friends, like Demi Lovato, she wrote a touching message on his ‘time-line’:

“My love and all the best wishes are with you my girl! Congrats! (My love and all my best wishes are with you my girl! Congratulations!)”.

Alejandra Guzman also congratulated:
“You see how making task depart daily champaks? Congratulations friend, I send a hug, that baby will unite even more.”

Beto Cuevas, who was his fellow ‘The Voice Mexico’, joined the thousands of blessings for the couple:

Paulina, Gerardo I knew one day end up together. All my peace, blessings and light to that angel who is coming.”

‘The Golden Girl’ also said that a break of the scenarios that would take her pregnancy in Miami next to his son, his partner and her mother, actress Susana Dosamantes.

Without giving many details, the singer added that in January will marry Gerardo Bazúa under a Hindu ritual. The ‘coach’ did not reveal the date and place of the ceremony, but what made it clear that only the nearest attend both family and some friends.

“This time is going well and seriously. Gerardo and I love you very much and now with this new that comes into our lives, 2014 is great for us and also for my son,” said the singer to fans.

As Gerardo Bazúa said: “I cannot, although I already had the experience of being a dad, next to my ‘Pau’ is something magical, we are happy and what follows, I want a girl, but that God knows that commands us.”

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