Scallops With Mushrooms And Spinach

Posted On 17 May 2014
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A delicious recipe for seafood lovers in America. The combination of mushrooms, scallops and spinach oddly enough it all delicious. Its comes under the category of American food.



scallops 12 pcs.
mushrooms 230 g
garlic 1 clove
cream 20-35% 2 cups
Parmesan 1 cup
fresh spinach 4 cups
butter 2 tbsp. liter.
pasta taste
salt taste
black pepper taste


Method of preparation

Cook pasta.
Salt and pepper large scallops and fry in a hot pan for 4 minutes. Side. Put in a plate to the side.

Sauté mushrooms with chopped garlic. Mushrooms can be cut into halves or plate. We love the large portions. Add the butter.

Spill cream and lay out the pasta in the mushrooms. Reduce the heat. The sauce slightly abated adds grated parmesan cheese, spinach, large pick and scallops.
Serve warm. Enjoy your meal.

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