There will be new restrictions to compete in the Boston Marathon

Posted On 28 Feb 2014
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Prohibit sports bags for runners and spectators next marathon in Boston.

Boston Athletic Association

In the Boston Marathon this year riders can not wear costumes that cover their face or bulky clothing while viewers must leave backpacks and large flags at home, as part of the new rules announced by the Athletic Association Boston.

After the attacks in the finish line of the Boston Marathon in 2013, which left at least three people dead and over 200 injured, organizers have beefed up security with new rules and restrictions in order to compete in the famous race.

The Boston Athletic Association has warned that prohibits participants attends nearby backpacks, glass containers, or any container with more than one liter of liquid. Those who are not registered may not participate.

Redouble security to prevent an event such as occurred in the Boston Marathon.

Near the starting line or finish input not prams or luggage is allowed.

Also, the new rules disapprove the use of vests with pockets, bags or backpacks with typical water used by many athletes, as well as any military equipment. Anyone material that has been banned in the face of this year’s Boston Marathon will not be introduced on buses displaces competitors from Boston Common to the starting point of the race.

To do this, lockers will be installed on the first point which participants can gather after the marathon. Finally, organizers warn that without brokers will not allow registration from sneaking into the event.

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