A Six Year Old Girl Dies From The Cold Outside Her Apartment

Posted On 01 Mar 2014
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Then temperatures falling into Minnesota, a girl were found dead outside her apartment.

It was 6:23 am when a 911 call he reported the death of a six year old girl. The little girl had been found dead by her mother outside her apartment in Minnesota, where temperatures that morning reached 30 below zero Fahrenheit, with sensation as 40 below zero, according to information from the police.

Her lifeless body was facing the front door of the apartment. She wore a coat, gloves, hat and jacket.

It is still unclear how the girl managed to get outside, but it seemed like she was there all night. However, the authorities ruled it had been violated.

“The girl had signs of having been exposed to inclement weather and was pronounced dead at the scene,” he said in a statement by the police.

According to Police Captain Bemedji, James Marcotte, authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the exhibition held the girl outdoors and are awaiting autopsy results.

Investigators say there was no history of family problems and are trying to develop a chronicle from the time the child was last seen, until it was discovered.

The small, yet unidentified, was first grade school Horace Mayo, after being transferred JW Smith School, where he attended kindergarten.

Experts say that with such a climate, freezing may have occurred in less than 30 minutes.

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