Why We Kiss

Posted On 17 May 2014
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During the kiss kissing partners exchange information. The woman kissing is much pickier than men. Men attach less value to a kiss, because they have less taste and smell. Can a kiss make or break a relationship? Why is important for a woman a kiss? Is still important? Within a committed relationship with a partner kissing when do men more than women kissing? What is a characteristic of a good relationship? Why we? Kiss.

Kissing is a taboo?

There are countries where kissing someone with a taboo. There are Chinese who see a kiss as cannibalism. In other cultures rub the partners or loving couples gently noses against each other, which does not seem much. A kiss that kissing is taboo is exceptional, with over 90% of all the different cultures kissing partners together.

Why we? Kiss

Why do we kiss someone? Why do we kiss our partner? According to evolutionary psychologists is kissing an excellent tool for those with whom you kiss “screening.” Unconsciously we test through the kiss whether he is a suitable partner.

A kiss contains useful information

During the kiss kissing partners exchange useful information. The taste and smell of the kiss can give an indication how healthy is someone with whom we are about to kiss. Bad breathe while kissing is associated with indigestion.

Women kissing his discriminating

Especially women use during kissing the information exchanged. Using the information that is exchanged during a kiss with someone, determined woman unknowingly or that suitable partner can be in the future for her. After all, the woman is investing nine months of her life in any offspring and the woman can only get a limited number of babies. For the woman it would be a shame to start with someone who is not “nice” kisses a relationship.

What about men?

Men attach less value to the information released during kissing. Better yet, it has been found that men are willing to share with a woman without having kissed her first bed during an investigation! Only 15% of women were willing to kiss without first sharing the bed. Someone Men also attach less value to kissing than women because men have less taste and smell than women.

Can a kiss make or break a relationship?

Especially women can, after a disappointing first kiss with someone cracking up while they originally intended that person saw it down. Especially for women: a first kiss can make or break a relationship.

Strengthen the bond with our partner by kissing

Kissing is important not only is to select any partner kissing in our relationship with our partner also very important. We maintain a good relationship with our partner by kissing. But we also use the kiss in our relationship to:

  • To check whether everything is between partners, even
  • We maintain the relationship with our partner,
  • To be our partner, romantic
  • To be our partner. Intimate

Many kiss the partner

A characteristic of a (very) good relationship between the partners bided if there is much kissed within the relationship. The more partners kissing each other (kissing on the mouth and kissing on the cheeks), the more satisfied the partners about their relationship with each other.

A promise for more

Exchanging a kiss can go more flavors. A kiss can be a promise for more. If a kiss can mean a promise for more, for a hefty lovemaking, is that the time when men start kissing more. Men generally find that sex in the offing should lie with the partner. Following an exciting and passionate kiss because kissing is:

  • One way to choose your partner
  • One way to tie your partner to your
  • Also very exciting!
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