Disclose The Names Of Some Victims In The Mudslide

Posted On 29 Mar 2014
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When about to end a week after the tragic flooding in Snohomish County, authorities acknowledge that there is little chance of finding survivors in an area where rescue efforts are very complex due to the constant rain on the amalgamation of destroyed houses trees and mud.

The authorities reiterated Friday that the balance would increase after the avalanche, but gave no figures on the scale of the disaster.

Among the names of the victims who have released the figure little Kaylee B. Spillers, sister of Jacob Spillers, the little four years old was found alive by rescuers on the avalanche.

Kaylee was just five years old and her name was unveiled by the press department of Snohomish County.

Authorities do not lose hope of finding a victim from the rubble after the landslide.

Other names are: Stephen A. Neal, 55; Jefferds Christina A., 45 William E. Welsh, 66, and Linda L. McPherson, 69. The cause of death was blunt impact generated by the wave of mud, according to medical reports.

The official toll of the landslide that hit the village of Bear in the Seattle region was far identified 17 dead and 90 missing. But the authorities had earlier this week announced the discovery of eight additional bodies.

Fire Chief Travis Hots had anticipated that the balance would increase “substantially” in the course of the day.

At least 90 people remain missing in the village swept by a mudslide after a hill collapsed.

About 200 professional rescuers and volunteers they found no survivors from Saturday.

Fifty homes were devastated by mud, which also got a highway and took with many vehicles.

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