First Goal Confirmed By Technology

Posted On 10 Jul 2014
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PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (AP) - The technology of “Hawkeye” passed its first test in the World Cup.

For the first time in the history of the world, a goal was validated with the use of technology. The beneficiary was France, whose second goal against Honduras was confirmed, the party that ended up winning 3-0 Goals.

At 48 minutes, when France won 1-0 Karim Benzema finished left foot, smashing his shot into the far post. The ball bounced off the goalkeeper Noel Valladares catracho, who failed to get him out until he had rolled dangerously on the line, and Les Bleus began to celebrate.

The seven video cameras placed throughout the arch determined that the ball had passed the line, for a moment, only inches. Consequently, the system sends a message to the clock’s, whose screen appeared the word “goal.”

Valladares own goal is scored and France extended his lead.

But there was some confusion when the system initially showed repetition Benzema shot of the moment that hit the post and showed the sign “NO GOAL”. Repetition kept going to bounce Valladares and the time itself was determined that there was a goal.

This infuriated the technician Honduras Luis Suarez, who argued angrily with his French counterpart Didier Deschamps. At the end of the match, the two embraced and seemingly left behind the episode.

Suarez explained that he disliked seeing the first part of the repetition, when indicated no goal.

“I was not upset that the goal was awarded, was upset that the goal is not granted, the first decision was that it was not a goal, it was the second goal,” said coach born in Colombia.

“If technologically everything is clear, that in principle the blessed machine has said no, and then yes, what is, what is the truth?”

Deschamps said he understood the trouble of Hondurans images transmitted by the organizers.

“The only problem was that they showed a picture on the screen, and it did not correspond to the goal,” said the Frenchman. “They showed that the ball had hit the post and had not crossed the line yet … obviously, I can put myself in that situation. They were very upset, as well as the public. If you go to an image, must be right “.

However, Deschamps considered in itself, the use of this technology “is very good.”

The system is used in Brazil for the first time in an international tournament of relevance, for detecting whether a ball has crossed the goal line. Consists of seven cameras pointed on each arc, similar to that used in some tennis tournaments solution.

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