What Are The Best Valentine Outings?

Posted On 12 Feb 2014
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On 14 February the weather is Valentine’s Day. You want to do something fun with your boyfriend or girlfriend, but what is it this year? Where do you go on Valentine’s Day? Here all kinds of fun outings to do with your Valentine on and around February 14.


Does your girlfriend there all the time about how she sometimes wants to really do something romantic together or are you anyway romantic yourself, but you cannot think of it? Have you thought of something so often, so you now need a little inspiration Look here for romantic getaways with your boyfriend or girlfriend?

Dinner for two
Nothing is as romantic as a candlelit dinner together. In-house with homemade food in a cozy restaurant or outdoors, it can do both, and also inside the huge choice. Are you going for sushi, or maybe for spaghetti? You’d rather eat Chinese or Italian anyway? While dinner for two might not be the most original, it is not done much for nothing.

Valentine Movies
With your boyfriend or girlfriend you can creep along the dark to look. To a movie together there are movies that always do well, and new movies in theaters.

Weekend Getaway
This year is a special year? Do you even have to spend some more? Money or maybe you’re more of the bigger gifts? Offer your friend a day or weekend to Paris or other romantic city. Pull together a few days, to fully enjoy each other. Evening at the Eiffel Tower when the lights flicker, a shopping trip or a dinner on the Seine. Paris is not for nothing that the city of love! Moreover, it does not always have to be very expensive maybe there is something called an offer in!


Are you, or your boyfriend / girlfriend, the more adventurous type? Rather pull you out there to really do something? Then go to the zoo, paintball together, or perhaps indoor skiing. Who knows what is there for you at!

Together paintball
Sometimes you have to shoot your sweetie. And can therefore, in the paintball. You do not have to roll in the mud if you do not want to, because paintball is doing inside. There are several places where you can play with sheds. A game against each other Complete with mask, coveralls and other weapon you filled syringes with paint. And then pull the towel out and crawl all forget the violence of the day against one another, and forgiving. There are indoor paintball parks in Tilburg, Leeuwarden, Groningen, Rotterdam, Ede, Zaandam, et cetera.
Day at the zoo
It’s like you’re on safari together, an exciting journey to discover it all. “Wild” animals lovely walking hand in hand through the park and enjoy the funny monkeys and tigers proud.

Flight in the air
Always wanted to sit at an aircraft albeit one that is not filled with many unknowns? Along with your lover in the clouds float? Give your partner a special gift like to sit behind the wheel and glider and make who knows all kinds of heart figures in the air.

Indoor skiing or snowboarding
Together, trial and error, or perhaps show your skills. This wintry weather of course you think quickly on snow and fit a couple of hours on real snow also in this picture. Choose a nice package.

Driving a Porsche or Ferrari
Is your boyfriend (or girlfriend) crazy about cars? He dreamed all his life a ride in one of those expensive cars, a Porsche, a Lamborghini or a Ferrari? Offers him or her opportunity now with a few hours in his favorite car. There is a crash course possible or riding in a tank, such as traffic control.

Simple and budget

Got something to spend? Less money the smaller, simpler ideas are a success. Moreover, this is the gesture!

Breakfast in bed
Start the day with breakfast in bed and. A pretty tray with the favorite food of your partner, a sweet note or card there, a candle and / or a flower. It stores guaranteed!

A sweet card
Do you have trouble saying it out loud, or you’re just more of the writing anyway? Or is it something totally not expected from you? Write a beautiful and sweet card to your friend with words that you’ve always wanted to say. Already!

Create a photo album
Collect all kinds of pictures of you together or special moments you have experienced and paste it into a beautiful album. You can also make online nowadays great albums that do not have to be. Really expensive Write it in small texts or memorable quotes.

Curling up on the couch
Valentine’s Day does not have to cost. Necessarily money Maybe you have also just enough for a night out together next to each other on the couch, nothing is, anything goes!

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