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Posted On 15 Feb 2014
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There are very interesting Apps for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a special day. Those who are in love think big gestures to touch their partners and the lonely seeking choices about not having a depressing evening. For all the committed and single, is a given app.


If you just want to have some fun, there are special applications. Tinder, for example, facilitates the procession. No need to call, send flowers or take courage to invite someone to an appointment. The app allows you to find suitor, alerts you if you are close and if like you, you connected. The social network Badoo, available both on the web and for mobile-is another good option.

If the date surprise you travel, you have the option not to spend that day alone. With Skout-location-based-you can have a brief quote anywhere in the world.

The lovers who have not yet passed by the altar are also possibilities. They can try an application-published by Time magazine that promises to predict exactly when it will pronounce the long-awaited “I do”. This program analyzes the status of friends in the social network and performs the calculation.

This Friday may also be the day you finally decide that person you love so much in silence. Cyrano de Bergerac-style, with Love Chat, you can have a conversation with complete anonymity and no need of internet connection, because it uses Bluetooth.

Those who are not afraid to be alone, but seek to score points with their partners also have options to celebrate on February 14. If the idea is to go to dinner with Open Table (Android, iOS, Windows) may make restaurant reservations site and find the perfect match for that evening stipulated budget. Foodspotting (Windows Phone) will help you find sites recommended in your city dishes: there are photos and comments for “fly on your plate” do not ruin your romantic dinner.

What’s better than a good movie? With the application of Hoyts Cinema, billboards are available and upcoming releases. If you use it properly, you will avoid annoying rows or-worse-tickets run out. Upon purchase, you get a QR code for you to enter directly into the living room. Best of all, it is free (iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8).

But the quote is not everything in Valentine. Your partner will surely be expecting a gift, a unique gesture of love … Well; a picture with a romantic touch can be the key to a dreamy night. Love Designer (free) lets you choose an image gallery of your Smartphone, edit them with various effects and then share it on social networks.

There are also options for the more traditional love: in stores Apple and Google are downloadable programs that send postcards or poems to your loved one.

The Valentine’s Day is a day of balance. Think both love can do doubts arise about the relationship. Perhaps not the best day to rethink the future of your family, but if you decide to do, there are apps that can help you. Freeware Love Test (iPhone) and Love Calculator (Windows Phone) allow you to discover the level of affinity between two people.

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