Sweet And Tender Romantic Valentines Lingerie

Posted On 13 Feb 2014
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  • If you’re not exploiting the full sensuality and instead you prefer to highlight your sweetness, these outfits look perfect lingerie for you.


  • It’s coming on February 14, Valentine’s Day and we know that not all girls are the same; some prefer a style more ‘cute’ to look in lingerie.
  • If you are one of them, notes that these models lingerie will make you look super feminine and sensual.
  • Nothing will be more enjoyable for your child to see you wear a lingerie outfit that let them see how sensitive you are.

  • We started with this cut Brazilian model who always yells what you are sexy but with pink lace lovely to see you do not stop.
  • This design is one of the most beautiful, leaving aside the nice pattern, neck ‘halter’ is ideal for almost any dress.
  • Combine your clothes! Watch this ‘bra’ with fretwork design, coordinated with this lace panty. The trick is to give variety.
  • If your Valentine is going to be busy, you better bring comfortable underwear, but also sexy as this set.
  • Take the time and your skin tone, coordinates the range of your lingerie with the color of your skin and make it stand out.

  • The characteristic of the lace is always looks ‘cute’ why can use without discrimination if you’re a sweet girl.
  • And lace, also you can and should experiment with different colors, you will surely find the one.
  • The color, as we have mentioned before, you can enhance your skin tone and make you look spectacular.
  • This ‘baby doll’ in peach certainly your guy fall in love on this day of love.
  • As in the previous, transparencies and fineness of the tapes will make you look very delicate and sensual.
  • And, of course, could not miss the hearts! This model is simply cute and worth a naughty girl.
  • Nobody said that tenderness is fought with passion.

  • And angelitas Victoria’s Secret is the best proof of that.
  • The beauty and sensuality not only depend on having, or not, the perfect size.
  • The safety of yourself and how you project can do wonders.
  • Also remember, if your guy loves you, is not only how you look scantily clad.
  • If you can combine the right clothes with the necessary attitude you will achieve any melt.
  • Choose the ideal for your body type lingerie and ready!
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