Colorado Teen Shooter Lawfully Acquired Weapons

Posted On 15 Dec 2013
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Several witnesses saw and heard seek out a member of the college.

The teenager who opened fire last Friday at a school in Denver, Colorado, wounding a fellow before killing himself, went to school with a shotgun, a machete three incendiary devices in his backpack and ammunition tied to the body, according to the Sabdo the Arapahoe County Sheriff Grayson Robinson.

Authorities also reported that Karl Pierson, 18 years old, bought the gun legally at a local store last December 6, reports the Associated Press.

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According to Colorado law, anyone over 18 can buy a gun in Colorado, but only those over 21 can purchase a gun.

Also here, according to the sheriff Robinson, the shooter apparently seeking revenge “because of a confrontation or disagreement” between him and a faculty member who had come for.

The police chief said it appeared the Pierson the target but also wanted to hurt more people.

Robinson said the librarian leads the debate team of the school, which Pierson was a member. In September, the young librarian punished but not expelled from the squad, says the AP.

Several witnesses saw and heard seek out a member of the college.

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