A Year After The Slaughter Of Newtown, Obama Calls For Changes To Prevent Further Massacres

Posted On 15 Dec 2013
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The President paid tribute to the victims

U.S. President Barack Obama paid tribute Saturday during his weekly address to the 26 victims, including 20 children, School Newtown Sandy Hook died a year ago, and called for “changes” to prevent further tragedies.


“Just a year ago a quiet little city was hit by a nameless violence,” said the president in a solemn tone in his recorded message from the White House. “Six employees of a beautiful school and 20 children were killed,” the Agency France Press.

“But beyond the sadness, we also perceived determination: determination to cease such tragedies and that to stop them, we must change,” he said.

What should be done in the U.S. on arms?

The December 14, 2012, a 20-year-old Adam Lanza, killed in 10 minutes with a semiautomatic weapon to 20 children and six adults in the Sandy Hook Elementary School, in a tragedy that traumatized the United States and why this small town in Connecticut (northeast) is affected.

Weapons in the hands of ‘troubled minds’

“We must do more to prevent dangerous people can easily end up with a gun in his hands,” Obama said Saturday performed while the celebrations for the first anniversary of this drama.

“We must do more to heal troubled minds. We must do everything to protect our children,” he said.

“And we cannot lose sight of the fact that real change will not come from Washington,” said the president. “They will come from where ever they come from, i.e. you Americans.”

Obama and his wife observed a minute of silence at the White House in honor of the victims, on Saturday morning at 09:25 (14:25 GMT), details the AFP.

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