Immigration to Canada from USA

Posted On 22 Sep 2013
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A large number of skilled persons have migrated to Canada from different parts of the world. Immigration to Canada from USA is very popular as most of the youth want to start a new life in a new nation. It is a place of skilled and experienced persons. The process of immigration to Canada from USA can be difficult and long without any guarantee of success. However people are migrating to Canada successfully;

There are two general categories of Canadian immigration including Permanent residence and Temporary residence.

Permanent Residence

  • This type of immigration is for professionals and skilled persons.
  • The sponsorship or family class immigrants
  • Self-employed, investors and entrepreneurs
  • Refugee

Temporary Residence

  • This type of immigration is for foreign students
  • It is for foreign workers on temporary basis.
  • The visitors are also included in this category.

How to Apply

There are two methods to apply for immigration.

  • You can apply for immigration through a lawyer or consultant. The immigration to Canada from USA is a fair paper work to complete the immigration process. It is highly recommended to apply through a lawyer or consultant.  So it is good to find an honest and trust worthy person for the support through the process of immigration.
  • You can also apply for immigration process on your own if the case is clear and simple. You need to mention your education and work experience. You should not have criminal record but must have medical exam. The time of immigration process can vary according to literature of the case. Once your application is approved then you are asked to submit your passport in the visa office to get it. During travel you should not pack the visa or related documents because a concerned authority may ask about the visa process.
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