Jobs In The United States - A Guide To Action

Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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Live and work in the United States dream of many people. America has long been a symbol of freedom, stability and prosperity. But how to get there? For most of the dream still remains a distant and unattainable. It separates you from not only the ocean, but the lack of a concrete action plan and knowing how and what to do and where to start. Therefore, in this article, tips, recommendations prepared for the most effective job search. Why learn from their mistakes when others have done a lot…

So you go on a journey to your dream!

Step one - identify the target.

A good starting think - how serious you are on a trip abroad. Remember - the U.S. is a different country, a different mentality, a foreign language, and other laws, rules, traditions, etc. Do not think that you are discouraged; rather warn that your usual way of life in many ways will be different if you do decide to go to work in the United States.

And so you are weighed, firmly and finally decided to go! The first step on the way to the American dream is a clear definition of goals, why do you want to go there. In fact, all have one goal - to make money, it’s understandable. But you have to define the path, which means going to make money and clearly decide which direction you want to offer your services worker, whether it is production or services, work as a waiter or a shop? Or maybe you qualified, for example an engineer or a doctor, and want to work in their field.

Why is it so important? Yes because in America do not appreciate generalists, if you write a resume several different desired jobs and say that you want to “do any work” then the result will be failure. For an American employer you unreliable and insecure person and not a technician narrow profile, what value there. Remember that. As practice shows, many of our people, and therefore could not find work in the U.S. due to the uncertainty goals.

Step Two - preparation.

Preparing financial. You must understand that the preparation to be sent to work in the U.S. is not a single day. Here we need time to collect and document the English language and so on. And also have to cash costs (paperwork, flight or intermediary services, foreign language courses. Etc.) So start saving money for a trip abroad in advance. Since in any case the costs are unavoidable. No matter how you look for a job in the United States, themselves or through intermediaries, in any case, the cost will be. But do not worry; they will pay off, if done correctly and consistently.

Moral and psychological preparation. Many job seekers can fail just for psychological reasons, because of their uncertainty, pessimism. Although among the losers are many good hardworking professionals. If you’re not confident in yourself, closed, and fear of the unknown, you yourself cannot overcome - Complete psychological training.

Remember - only belief in success, indomitable optimism, commitment to help you open all the doors. This advice may seem purely theoretical, and therefore, you say - and of little practical. But it is not. If you watch successful people find that they are all firmly believe in success, and never give up for any difficulties. Take example from them, learn all over to see only good, radiate optimism, and learn to smile. In America, as you know, gloomy pessimists do not like, there must be happy and successful. Then find a good job chances are increasing significantly. Columbus discovered America optimist, colonized and conquered her people too purposeful. Therefore Way to America available only for such people.

Step Three - Learning English

The fact that knowledge of the language is essential when entering the United States is you well know. So if you did not speak English - certainly go on courses, training somewhere near your home. In order to learn from scratch or from a low-level foreign language, you will need at least six months. In addition to the courses get used to the English language, such as American films without looking dubbing or translation. Or listen to music, foreign TV shows, radio - soak up the language. Without him in the states you do nothing.

But even if you once studied and like as you know the language, it is still not hurt to refresh and improve their skills.

Step Four (important!) - resume writing.

Write a resume is not so difficult, but the effort will have to make. Remember what was said in the beginning of this article - to find work in the U.S. need to be more precisely identifying the purpose of the work activity, the desired position. Leave resume only really important things that may be of interest to a prospective employer. Specify in the resume that you are a specialist in a particular area are able to do this and that (small list), about the rest of your skills, merits, professions, hobbies point, of course, necessary, but briefly. Focuses on specific specialty for which you wish to work.

Not write about what you know and know well about what specific job you performed. American employer for more important skills, experience than theoretical knowledge. Tell us what tools, programs, methods used. What result was achieved specifically you exactly what you have created.

In addition to the resume, prepare a separate feedback about your work those people with whom you’ve worked with. Take as much as possible, the reviews are not only places of your work, but also with companies with which you had to work, where you yourself are well established. Take feedback from people with a name-post with the achievements, etc. Review can simply write your employees, former leaders and colleagues.

Printing cannot set, but the names of people, their contact details are mandatory. Reviews translate into English. Not necessarily be notarized. Expect to benefit greatly from these reviews are not worth it, but still it would be an additional plus, will benefit.

Step Five - decide: or to search for a job or through an agency.

Independent job search.

I warn you once - is not easy, it is very troublesome, but it has its advantages. You do not depend on anyone, does not fall into the hands of unscrupulous agencies.

Learn from colleagues, friends, well settled that in the states, went back to work, or on the contrary - was rejected on the desired positions in U.S. companies. Lift the old ties - quite possibly one of your old acquaintances could you help - for example, by recommending you to the company. Be sure to read the information on the forums dedicated to work abroad - perhaps it will help you learn from others’ mistakes.

To start you need to find sites on e-mail addresses of those employers who take foreign workers. And start sending out letters with your resume.

Better not send resume at random out how often do we have specialists in the country and go to the sites of the companies selected profile and carefully examine sections of vacancies. In case you have found a suitable job offer, worth an employer summary in English, certainly reinforced by the accompanying letter. It justify why the company should choose you. After sending do not wait in vain, and after waiting a few days, call the company to remind yourself to ask, at what stage in the consideration of your resume. Remember - only your activity, and no one but her cannot help you.

Search job yourself can, and even necessary, but be sure caution, intelligently and wisely.

Choosing a good employment agencies abroad

If you do research on your own via the Internet or their friends to look for a foreign company, themselves collect the necessary documents, he is busy working on obtaining a visa. Upon arrival, the applicant again, looks for a place to live independently and generally decides all organizational matters. Whether such a convenient way to work abroad? For some unlikely

Starting a choice of agency should be remembered that carry out similar activities are eligible only those agencies that besides the basic state of constituent documents and permits are still appropriate license. This license is issued by the Agency, only if he has a contract with a foreign partner employer. The telephone number of the migration service, which you can find in the directory, you can be sure of the legality of the license.

What do I need to consider?

1. Employment agency to be known, of course, with a good reputation, and most importantly - with a license for employment abroad, issued by the Federal Migration Service or territorial.
2. Level of professionalism of the staff of the agency. Draw conclusions about the professionalism and competence of the agency managers can already at the stage of the telephone conversation.
3. Pay attention to the countries covered by the license, as well as the fact whether the agency contract with the firm employer.
4. Do not rush immediately to sign a contract with the agency! Take the time to ask for a copy, you will be able to discuss legal advice.
5. Ask about the price of services. Otherwise you may have, as in advertising on the contrary, that the prices for the services of the agency you unpleasantly surprised.
6. Never in a hurry to leave and let you do not hurry, without stipulating all the details: where will live, eat at whose expense, if need work clothes, whether insurance, etc.

When you visit the agency wary of sentences like “money in the morning - evening chairs.” If you have not done anything yet, and already require a certain amount of money if you prepay for a certain promise to make your data into the mythical “database” - do not believe. In a decent agency money you will be charged only for actual services rendered: the collection of documents, visas, employment, etc. directly

During your visit to the employment agency abroad do not hesitate to ask questions. You have every right to demand from the agency managers all the information you need, all the nuances of getting a job.

Step Six - the collection of documents

To work in the U.S. you need to collect the following documents.

Passport. Immediately upon receipt be sure to check your data: name, date of birth, information on children, duration and other data.

Color photos 5 x 5 without corners and ovals on a light background, frosted. Dimensions head in the photo (from crown to chin) - 2.5-3.5 cm; your eyes must be at a level of 2.8 to 3.5 cm from the bottom edge of the photo

Certificate of employment (on company letterhead, signed and sealed). On the certificate must indicate the position, salary and date of joining the organization.

Documents confirming the connection with their homeland: a certificate of ownership of the apartment, house, land, etc., marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc.

Proof of financial means for the trip - bank statement / credit card and / or a statement from the card account

Photocopy of the passport (all pages containing information)

Paperwork for employment in the U.S. is approximately 1 month. This list of documents sufficient if you arrange to work through intermediaries. Advice and solutions to these and other questions about obtaining a visa take on intermediary firms.

But if you decide to find a job and apply for a visa by yourself, then you should be familiar with the requirements for obtaining a visa to the U.S.

Better still travel to the U.S. through employment agencies, as there are specialists well versed in all the intricacies of getting a job in the United States. I, too, can do it, but much more difficult, you can encounter problems whose solution may require a lot of time and nerves. Since you cannot know all the nuances and this negative self-employment. But if you are not afraid of difficulties and you just want to achieve on their own, then the road. Read on.

Step Seven - an employment contract.

The final stage of getting a job in the United States - an employment contract.

Meaning contract with a U.S. employer is quite different from ours. We have a contract - is a mere formality, all that is written in it very often does not read any employer or employee who takes a job. In the U.S., the situation relating to the employment contracts just the opposite. Every item, every word is important, as a rule, the court, in resolving disputes. Prove their rights under the contract can only be other documents, agreements whether oral or written, are of secondary importance and in which case it is unlikely you will help.

Therefore, by signing a contract to work with an American company, carefully read all of the first to the last sentence. If that is not clear - certainly need to find out!

There are various agreements that affect both your salary and taxation. Open-ended contracts in principle not taken abroad, it is important to know and understand. Here are some types of employment contracts:
- Employment contract for an indefinite period;
- Employment contract for a definite period;
- Employment contract with “borrowed” employees;
- Employment contract for part-time work;
- An employment contract with a group of employees;

Today, labor law is a branch consisting of an infinite number of provisions of laws, regulations, and judicial precedents.

Perhaps the main thing that is important to know to get a job in the United States, said it was time to act is now. All the nuances impossible to tell, and do not need. Very often people find themselves in a situation where help or tip nowhere to wait and have to act independently, without any instructions relies on intuition with a simple belief in success. Remember - your faith and optimism reliable assistants. They will lead you to your dream - to live and work in America!

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