Broadcast Emergency Calls during School Massacre in Sandy Hook

Posted On 05 Dec 2013
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Almost a year ago a shooter entered Sandy Hook Elementary School and killed 20 children and six employees. Today they announced 911 calls that day.

“I saw someone. They run down the hall. Continue running and shooting. Sandy Hook School, please,” said a woman shakily breathing troubles in the first so-called 911 from Sandy Hook Elementary School as a stage a shootout.

Should there be more gun control in the United States? Comment.

The Newtown Police Department (Connecticut, U.S. Northeast) released recordings of emergency calls made ​​during the school massacre in Sandy Hook last year that killed 20 children and six adult’s dead and shook the country.

In the following, school staff minutes implored help as Newtown police he received a flood of calls.

The recordings appeared on the internet site of the municipal court order after a long process initiated by The Associated Press to be disclosed.

A guardian, Rick Thorne, called to say he had a broken window and shots were heard. You hear the person on the phone with Thorne tell another: “Send forth all you can.”

Thorne spoke for several minutes.

“They keep the shots, please!” Pleaded the keeper to the 911 operator, while in the bottom six or seven shots are heard. “This is!”

Despite the terrible drama that was living, most people kept their cool to call to alert police and operators behaved with great professionalism, calming and asking that aid will guard as he arrived.

Some media decided not to broadcast the recordings

On 14 December 2012, the young Adam Lanza , 20, murdered his mother at home and then went heavily armed school Sandy Hook, where he opened fire, killing 20 children and six adults before taking his own life .

The recordings released on Wednesday include the time of the killing and the entry of the first police officers at school, ten minutes later.

“Where are they?”, “Stay calm,” “We’re on our way,” the police respond to callers. “What about the children? Does the school is closed? Want you to protect,” said one trader.

The police and the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, Stephen Sedensky, had refused to disclose called, concerned about its impact on the families of the victims.

The Associated Press had claimed the day of the slaughter and insisted several times then, invoking freedom of information, until a local judge, Eliot Prescott gave reason.

Some U.S. media decided not to broadcast the recordings, for example the local NBC station in Connecticut.

“NBC Connecticut decided not to broadcast the calls and not post them on the Internet,” the channel.

Most of the families showed their rejection: “ Which father would like this is not for the common good, no use to anyone It’s not how I want you to remember Dylan,” said Nicole Hockley, mother of one of small killed, told the ABC.

The diffusion takes place shortly called days before the first anniversary of the tragedy and a week after the publication of the report on the investigation concluded that Adam Lanza acted alone for unknown reasons.

The tragedy shocked Sandy Hook U.S. and reopened the debate on gun ownership in the country.

For the small community of Newtown trauma was even greater, and therefore responsible for the mayor voted unanimously in May to demolish the school and build a new one in the grounds.

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