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Posted On 05 Dec 2013
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New projects created for data analysis have provided the intelligence community monitoring tool masiv

The National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States meets almost five billion records to date on the location of cell phones in the world, according to information the former contractor Edward Snowden leaked to The Washington Post.

The information collected allows the agency to track movements and to map the relationships of cell “in ways that were not previously imagined” business, the paper said in its online edition.

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According to documents leaked by Snowden, records feed a database that stores information about the locations of hundreds of millions of devices.

“New projects created for data analysis have provided the intelligence community a tool for mass surveillance, “noted the newspaper.

The NSA said that while not intended to search information for the location of U.S., brings a substantial amount of information on the whereabouts of household “incidentally” cell phones.

The newspaper said that analysts can find cell phones anywhere in the world, track movements and expose “hidden” relationships between individuals who use them.

A source said on condition of anonymity, but with permission from the NSA, large volumes of information are collected to obtain data cables that connect mobile networks worldwide, and serving U.S. Cellular, as well as foreigners.

The newspaper said that sophisticated mathematical techniques allow the NSA to map user relationships and patterns of their movements in time with other people with whom they have contact.

He said the cell will transmit your location even when they are not used.

U.S. officials argued that programs that collect and analyze location data are lawful and are intended strictly to develop intelligence on foreign targets.

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