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Posted On 27 Oct 2015
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Let’s look back at the past year and highlight the most significant trends in the industry of online casinos. According to the independent research firm Spectrum Gaming Group, last year, the main increase in gambling market fell on the internet games, including significant changes have occurred in the development and licensing.

Game Developers

The first noticeable trend in the development of the casino - new markets throughout Asia. Manufacturers of games in the United States and Europe quickly realized that Asia will soon become the world’s gambling center, due to favorable changes in legislation and the allocation of gambling zones like Macau and Singapore.

Software developers and game platforms in partnership with US casino expected future legalization of online poker. The idea is that the biggest brands in the world want to have their own casino site on the Internet to the point where poker will be legalized by the Federal Government.

Electronic Games and Platforms

In addition to what appeared in the Asian countries, it is worth noting the rapid growth of the online gaming segment, which is comparable in speed to a forest fire. The quantity and quality of sites - including the most popular casino online is an American favorite, as well as an abundance of resources for mobile platforms, has increased dramatically this year.

On the other hand, offline casinos in the gambling mecca like Las Vegas and Atlantic City show decline in revenue and a record low number of visitors. This is mainly due to the competition from gambling sites where you can play without having to leave the house. Thus, online gambling is more profitable than a trip to the casino with the attendant costs of hotel and transportation.

Legalization In The Future?

Much has been said about the prospects for the future legal framework for gambling in the United States, which could bring some economic benefits in the form of taxes, especially online games. The main argument against the prohibition of gambling is that states are losing a lot of money on the unpaid taxes.

As we have seen above, the main trends in the casino business in 2015 related to online gambling. This rapid growth has been possible thanks to the availability of online games, which will reduce the time to attract a lot of new players and partners. In the new 2016, we are waiting for new trends!

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