Michael Jackson Wrapped In Tax Fight With IRS

Posted On 10 Feb 2014
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Michael Jackson is embroiled in a new scandal; the IRS argues that the Mortgage misled the state about fortune singer taxpayers; now the IRS wants the farm ‘Nerve land’ to pay a sum amounting to more than $ 700 million.


The LA Times had access to legal documents showing that the artist died when the IRS declared that only had about seven million. The   Internal Revenue Service says now that its real worth is $ 1.125 billion.

Before that deception sued the IRS and tax penalty will double from twenty to forty percent. To make matters worse, the farm did not pay $ 505 million in taxes, and the penalty is the sum will add more than $ 702 million!

The deception was so; the IRS reported that MJ’s property was valued at $ 434 million while its actual value was $ 2105. Interest lyrics Michael and the Beatles were reported at zero, its particular value can add $ 469 million. The original recordings of the Jackson 5 were calculated by the state at $ 11,200, but its real value was 45,500, how are you?

This new scandal with the IRS threatening the heritage of the children of the singer.

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