The Budget That Republicans Want To Pass In Congress

Posted On 25 Mar 2015
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Republican Congressman Thomas Price.

By Tom Price, a Republican congressman from Georgia and Chairman of the Budget Committee of the House of Representatives.

At the core of the character of America is a fundamental belief that we as a people, we must always strive to build a better, more innovative, open and free society. When we look at America today, we see a nation that is not up to its economic potential or leadership, and the reason for this has nothing to do with the quality and character of the American people. Instead, Washington has been unable or unwilling to address the major challenges with positive solutions.

That is unacceptable and that is why today in the House of Representatives will vote for “a balanced budget for a stronger America.” It is a plan to create jobs and restore fiscal discipline in Washington by empowering individuals, families, businesses and local communities, with the freedom and flexibility to build a healthier economy.

First, we can balance the federal budget in less than ten years by reducing spending by $ 5.5 trillion without accounting tricks or higher taxes. This puts us in a way to pay off the national debt. This is in sharp contrast to the proposal of President Barack Obama never balances despite trillion in tax increases budget.

Our goal is not only to make Washington live within its means. It is to lift the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over our economy. We know that job creators and future entrepreneurs see high levels of debt today as probable tax increases in the future, increases in interest rates and inflationary pressures. Through policies as the fundamental tax reform, expansion of energy production and simplification or outright elimination of unnecessary regulations, our budget would create an environment where people can plan ahead with greater confidence and optimism.

We promote health care patient centered by replacing all -the Obama care taxes, spending and mandates. This would end Medicare attack that was used to create this new law and to allow Congress start over health care reform to build a system that works for patients, families and physicians, not Washington. At the same time, whereas no changes for those who are retired or near retirement do, improvements are proposed to Medicare so that we save and strengthen this vital program. These structural reforms give more options to beneficiaries and greater access to affordable health care.

Balancing the budget means ensuring that the government is fulfilling its primary responsibility for ensuring the defense of our nation. In a dangerous world, the security of the American people and the protection and promotion of our interests around the world are intrinsically linked to fiscal and economic well-being of our nation. The former president of the Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen whole, has called our debt, “the single biggest threat to our national security.” That is a threat to our budget that aims to defeat frontally while at the same time ensures that we offer to our men and women in uniform the resources they need to complete their missions.

We respect the principle of federalism in our budget to readjust the relationship the federal government has with states and local communities. From health care to education, States should be able to create their own solutions, free of onerous mandates of Washington. The proposed reforms would save money, but more importantly, they allow us to find the most effective means to achieve real results for American families.

No shortage of waste, fraud and abuse in all government agencies and is why we propose reforms that would make these programs serve a more efficient, effective and accountable important purpose. For example, it is proposed (the details are not public yet) closing double hole in the disability insurance program that allows an individual to receive both unemployment insurance and disability payments. Nobody should be considered eligible for both benefits at the same time, and this budget protect taxpayers and maintain the integrity of these programs to put an end to this wasteful practice.

Finally, we built this budget conscious of the fact that for the first time in a while both the House and the Senate are committed to producing a balanced budget.

In the weeks and months ahead, there will be a passionate debate and an opportunity for politicians to demonstrate that they are willing to step forward with positive solutions to restore opportunity for all Americans. “A balanced budget for a stronger America” ​​is the first step in this process.

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