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Posted On 30 Dec 2014
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Hispanic to Hispanic. Now you can go to the doctor, make your blood tests, take your blood pressure, and take the medication you need. No longer bear these pains that plague you daily. Making your partner, your children receive the care they deserve. Because they are here in the United States. Because there is now a law that you think. Cuesta take the first step, we know; why HolaDoctor team will help get health coverage. Can you imagine all yours finally protected?

With the Health Care Act, which surely you know as Obamacare, many states are expanding Medicaid to more people without high wages to qualify. Virtually all medical services through this federal program are free.

And even if you win a little more than what is required to have Medicaid, you can still buy coverage through the insurance market and receive a grant, a monthly help paying your medical plan. That help can mean you have to pay less than $ 100 per month for a family of four.

You know what gives you status? Read more about your options is also free. And really worth it.

Hispanics felt always strong, we think we can always move forward, taking a decoction of herbs, asking the family in our countries to send us remedies.

But children need vaccines to go to school, must have their annual checkup, review their little lungs, ears, to see if there is infection. No warm front can be overlooked. You yourself need to see those hands are sore from working, and that back pain you feel your husband every night … all that deserves constant care.

And what if, God forbid, you have an accident? However minimal, for example because your child fell off the bike, just treading an emergency room of any hospital without insurance will be thousands of dollars in bills.

Yes, we must prevent because they say it is better than cure.

So now is the time where you have to take the big step, as we have already more than 10 million people got health insurance free or low cost through Obamacare. And you can move forward without fear, thou shalt have many helping hands along the way to help you. Starting with ourselves, Family HolaDoctor, Hispanics like you to know what you live, and we also know the relief you feel when our loved ones are protected.

You are not alone.

The second registration period in the insurance market ends on February 15, to be covered in 2015. And remember that it is now mandatory medical coverage for most people living in the United States. Otherwise, a fine is received in the form of an extra tax return.

What sense does get less return, if you can get free or very low cost insurance?

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