Alicia Keys Is Already Mom For The Second Time!

Posted On 29 Dec 2014
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Just days after Christmas, Alicia Keys received the best gift of her life, becoming a mom for the second time.

The singer and actress welcomed her second son, Gen. Ali Dean, from her love with her ​​husband Swizz Beatz. The baby was born Saturday morning December 27.

They announced the arrival of their baby the same way they told everyone it would be mother through their Twitter account, and it was with these words: ” ‘The joy of joy is joy!! It’s a boy!! We are so grateful!! #blessings!!’

When text is accompany with an image where you can see the little feet baby, time and date of birth Asii as the name brand.

The older brother of Genesis is called Egypt and has just 4 years old of age. On the other hand, both have 3 brothers’ fruits of previous love affairs of his father.

Congratulations to the new parents!

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