Google’s Word Of Warning To Affiliates With No Added Value

Posted On 07 Feb 2014
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Google released a short post warning affiliates that if they are syndicating content and are not adding any value then they are violating Google Webmaster Guidelines.

As we all know, sex sells and many Webmasters try to get quick money by creating porn sites. The problem with this is that not every single site owner is going to go and create unique porn videos. In comes these affiliate programs that will provide this content for your site – same content they provide for thousands of other sites.

Herein lays the problem, if you are exhibiting the same content that thousands of other sites are displaying and you are not providing anything of value to your sites visitors then you are violating Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Simply put, if you’re syndicating content you should ask yourself:

Does this site provide significant added benefits that would make a user want to visit this site in search results instead of the original source of the content?” If the answer is “No,” the site may frustrate searchers and violate our quality guidelines.

Chris Nelson, Search Quality Team, Google Webmasters Central Blog

As we all know, if any web site violates Google’s guidelines they reserve the right to take action in order to maintain the quality of a users’ search results.

This has been hinted by Google a few times and I feel as though these are some pretty clear warnings that Google is about to start breaking Webmasters Morales once again.

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