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Posted On 24 Dec 2013
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The telephone was invented 150 years ago this year, though there was still some time before the invention could be used widely. In today’s society, the phone is no longer indispensable. This is especially true since the advent of the mobile phone. The development it continues: the mobile phone of the latest generation is basically a handheld computer which can also be called: the smart phone.

The Telephone

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the principle of the telephone was invented. It was the German physics teacher Philipp Reis who in 1860 was the first time managed to bring. Verbal messages over a distance the initial design of a device that could do this was to him a wooden device that consisted of a sensor and a transducer, which were connected by two wires. He is also the creator of the name for this: the Telephone. Because the devices he made were not practical to use his invention ultimately not hit and Travel died without glory.


In 1871 there was an Italian immigrant, Antonio Meucci, who had also managed to establish a telephone connection. He would then apply for a patent on his invention, which he called the teletrophone. However, he was unable to get the money needed to make together: after three years ran the patent application the patent and went to his nose over.

It was the Scot Alexander Graham Bell on February 14, 1876 filed a patent on “improving the telegraph” which he acquired on March 7 of that year. He was the one who officially name attached to the invention, which we now call phone. The verb “call” is derived from his name, but we now know as the inventor of the telephone knows Bell is then not without a struggle.

Except Meucci there was the American Elisha Gray, who was also working on the development of a device. He also applied for a patent, the invention of “instruments for telegraphic transfer voice sounds”. He did these two hours after Bell had submitted. His patent application there followed years of legal wrangling more than six hundred lawsuits for plagiarism and theft were filed against Bell, including by Meucci and Gray. But Bell won them all.

In 1877 Bell Bell Telegraph Company founded along with his father. This company would be one of the largest telephone companies later. The phone like Bell who had invented was technically improved by Thomas Edison. By applying the carbon microphone, he made sure that the intelligibility was better. Even better cable technique was applied and amplifiers were introduced.

The Gravedigger

The first phones were still without a central, but soon it was impossible to do because the increased number of devices. Then came the telephone, with an attendant brought the connection manually. The automatic telephone was invented in 1879 by undertaker Almon Strowger.

His invention was inspired by suspicion: he suspected the operator thereof by connecting, which was also undertaker and thus a competitor Strowger customer calls that were meant for him to her own husband. The advent of the automatic central subscriber could turn his phone itself, the first came in 1892 in operation in LaPorte and thus belonged to manually connect to the past.

A smartphone is a mobile phone with many more options than just calling it is basically a handheld computer (palmtop) which can also be called. The possibilities include, in addition to the functions of the “regular” mobile phone (with internet such as a built-in navigation. They often work via a touch screen or contain a small keyboard. Smartphone’s work with various operating systems, and there are many types for sale. Examples of smart phones, the BlackBerry and the iPhone (Apple).


The limit of 4 billion mobile phones sold in late 2008 was exceeded. Worldwide, there are 1.3 billion fixed telephone lines, so there are more than three times as many mobile phones. That would mean that since last year over 60% of the entire world is in possession of a mobile phone. In practice, this is not true because many people have more than one device.

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