Justin Bieber? Smokes Grass And His Father In A Plane?

Posted On 07 Feb 2014
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  • CNN reported that Justin Bieber and his father allegedly smoked marijuana on a flight from Canada to New Jersey on Friday.

  • According to the site, the pilots asked the singer and his father leave the grass alone during the trip, but ignored.
  • They also asked the crew to stay in the cockpit and to avoid the interpreter, as it is known to be violent.
  • They even decided to use their oxygen masks; fearing test positive for drug use by inhaling the smoke locked him in the plane.
  • When the plane landed, said the smell was so strong that the agents of Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and DEA inspected.
  • Last week, more things came about his arrest in Miami. Toxicological tests they did to Canada following his arrest came to light.
  • The test came back positive for THC (marijuana) and Alprazolam, TMZ said. Alprazolam is the main ingredient in Xanax, a drug for anxiety.
  • But Justin was negative in cocaine, opium and other drugs.
  • The report comes out a day after the singer turned himself in to the Police Department in Toronto, Canada.
  • About 7:30 pm, the arrival of the Canadian reported to the police station to make a statement on a charge of assault.
  • He arrived escorted amid his security and his lawyers. The ‘Beliebers’ Canadians also were waiting outside. Fanatics at all times!
  • After a few hours, he began to see movement in the police department. Reporter John Lancaster of the CBC, said it was unlikely that the singer spent the night behind bars.
  • And so it was. Nearly two hours after admission, Justin Bieber and left the premises of the police department in Toronto.
  • Justin’s visit to the station was due to an altercation with a limo driver last December 30.
  • According to CNN, the driver picked the singer with six other friends at 3 in the morning of that day.
  • The group was enjoying a game of hockey. And who were infected with the excitement of the game because one of the passengers began to have hit the driver several times.
  • Molestísimo, the driver got out of the limo and asked for support to the authorities.
  • CBS said the attacker had fled when the driver called the police.
  • Justin’s lawyer in Canada repeated as in Miami: the singer is innocent. Now, Justin will have to go to court on March 10 to face this charge.
  • This is the second time in less than a week that has trouble with the law!
  • In addition, the February 14 will be charged with the charges for which he was arrested last January 23. However, he has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
  • “On 14 February, formally presented the charges against him to Justin Bieber, but the singer is not required to appear, since the presence of your lawyer will be enough,” he told Efe Eunice Sigler, director of the public relations office 11 Judicial Circuit Court of Miami-Dade.
  • Because of all this, I want Justin Bieber … But well away! Apparently not in the United States and is well received.
  • Despite his ‘Beliebers’ love it, the Canadian has not easy, because after his arrest some people have gathered to collect signatures and deport!
  • More than 186,000 people have signed a petition today on the website of the White House to deport the singer of ‘Boyfriend’.
  • “We the people of the United States, feel that we are not well represented in the world of pop culture. We would like to see the dangerous, foolish, destructive drug user Justin Bieber deported and their residence permit revoked,” says request, hung on the “We the People” section of the official website of the White House.
  • The petition also says that Justin is a threat to the safety of the community and that is a bad influence on young people.
  • How strong! The petition has proved extremely popular … It started a week ago and has already surpassed by quite the goal of 100,000 signers.
  • And because of such popularity, this application will not stay in games. President Barack Obama must decide on the fate of Justin Bieber. As the petition exceeded 100,000 in less than a month.
  • Will Justin may not return to the United States? The member of the Backstreet Boys, Nick Carter, even offered his brother Aaron Carter could replace Canadian.
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