Six Signs Your Company Is Ready To Expand

Posted On 04 Jan 2015
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Having your own business is a long way, very long. However, if all goes well, there comes a time when we can think of to expand. If not so, how else started the big chains?

However, although startups should keep in mind a growth plan, you must consider that grow before time can become a real problem.

To avoid this mistake, Entrepreneur magazine introduced us to these reliable indicators that it is time that your business scales. You can move if:

1. Have the team indicated at the right place. You must have leaders and structure of skilled and committed workforce with the success of the organization.

2. Customers come to you. If you find that now not only have to search providers, but there are people interested in your product.

3. You have your feet on the ground. Note that, despite having conquered the market and have the ability to continue conquering other segments, you must say “no” when necessary

4. Have a lifestyle compatible with the workload. It may be that your company is ready for expansion, but need to make a personal analysis that you yourself also. The expansion can affect your personal life, family and even your health.

5. Have the capital. You must make a correct estimate between sales, cash flow and ability to expand your business. It is not your first business completely finished holding the second branch, but that it can break through itself as the first one did. You do not want to end without either.

6. Achieve your goals. If the growth plan your first business was conducted and ideally within less than what you had planned time, it certainly is a great time to expand.

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