Technological Deaths Of 2014

Posted On 03 Jan 2015
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In the year ended, major firms had to say goodbye to products that once were legendary in the world of technology.
The web CNN Expansion shows a count of these technological items and gadgets that will remain in the memories of 2014.

iPod Classic
Many consider it the idea that gave rise to Smartphone’s today, plus it set the trend in the industry of digital music and was behind the second wind of Apple.
The Classic model - the best-selling multimedia player History- sold until mid-September; Apple today manufactures Touch, Shuffle and Nano models.
For 2007, the year when Steve Jobs introduced the first version of the iPhone, Apple had sold worldwide 110 million iPods, according to The New York Times.
A Wall Street Journal analysis indicates that Apple was in 2004 and no more, to become a signature consumer electronics company computer. Between April and March of that year he first sold more iPods than Macs time.

Windows XP and IE6
Microsoft, he adds CNN Expansion, the firm was “killed” more products throughout 2014. Windows XP, which was his best known operating system used worldwide, said goodbye in April. The specialized site Tech Radar reports that Microsoft sold over 400 million licenses in the first half of the OS, a figure that could have exceeded 500 million, even after the successor Windows Vista or Windows 7 was announced.
An analysis of the security firm Kaspersky estimated that despite the company ceased to provide support and protection system patches, Windows XP remained second most used operating system in the world, present in 16 percent of all PC.
Microsoft announced that, along with the discontinuation of support for XP, was terminated service and support for Internet Explorer 6.

Windows 7 is sentenced
CNN Expansion adds that, although it is still not a death as such, Microsoft sentenced to the same destination to your most used operating system the moment, Windows 7 in a strategy to push the upcoming Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Windows Live Messenger
MSN Messenger, which became Windows Live Messenger is the chat ended its operations in October 2014, after forcing Users in China to migrate or integrate Skype.
Windows Live Messenger was, at the time, messaging platform number one in the world with over 330 million users. This was before the Whatsapp was that, according to estimates, and more than 600 million active users per month.

Clip Art Images for schools
It was a database that once numbered over 140,000 illustrations, drawings and icons for Microsoft Office. In one might be the most nostalgic death of the year, the company announced the demise of the system, which would be replaced by Bing Images.

Which possibly was the only social network Google to be adopted by users, at least in India and Brazil, ceased operations in September 2014, after seven years of being the largest social network in the South American country?
In 2011 Facebook was finally able to overcome this social network, which failed to overcome the fall.

Facebook Camera
First, Facebook disbursed 1,000 million for Instagram; weeks after it launched mobile application that is completely focused on photography. Allowing the user to take photos, edit them with filters and load the Facebook profile. However, this summer’s network of Mark Zuckerberg realized that it was not worth having it having bought Instagram, so we said goodbye.

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