The 10 Happiest US States

Posted On 22 Feb 2015
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Taking into account what people said about the motivation to achieve your goals, positive social relationships, satisfaction in the economic sphere, the sense of community to feel safe and pride in the place where they live, one survey revealed what states are the happiest.

The state which occupied the place of honor showed the greatest motivation and, in contrast, lower stresses levels among all respondents. The community also reported feeling very safe.

The Top 10 have been maintained since 2008 Hawaii and Colorado.

Based on the exercise, conducted by Gallup Healthways, we present the 10 happiest states across the United States.

10. Texas.

9. New Mexico.

8. Utah.

7. Nebraska.

6. Colorado.

5. Montana.

4. Wyoming.

3. South Dakota.

2. Hawaii.

1. Alaska.

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