Omg! Alessandra Ambrosio Overshadowed Kim Kardashian At The Party Acria Holiday

Posted On 12 Dec 2014
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  • Kim Kardashian arrived starting square to the annual festival ACRIA Holiday in New York.
  • Despite low temperatures curvilinear TV star donned a revealing outfit, which comes in handy for these dates because due to the fabric looked like a Christmas tree so brilliantly.

  • She put super pretty and sure of herself on camera. Kim Kardashian certainly the most beautiful woman felt the party, but…
  • This angel appeared at the event.
  • Beautiful Alessandra Ambrosio stole all eyes
  • Impossible not to look with this dress.

  • Immediately supermodel used his best poses and seductive to overshadow the Kim Kardashian looks.
  • A woman Kanye West it was not him but smile and pose beside the model for a souvenir photo.
  • Kim’s face says it all. Nothing felt comfortable with beauty Alessandra height.
  • The event was held at the Skylight Modern New York.
  • This year ACRIA Holiday party was in honor of Larry Kramer and Bruce Weber.
  • The night took Brazil.

  • Flight occurred before the cameras.
  • In addition to displaying its beauty in its entire splendor.
  • I showed her good taste with this cute dress and sexy dress … and where’s Kim Kardashian?
  • Kim Kardashian met with commitment, took her coat and went home.
  • Do not go, Kim Kardashian!

  • Apparently the meeting with Alessandra liked him as “hook to the liver.”
  • Neither her very tight green top helped beat supermodel.
  • It is not easy to compete with a woman like Ambrosio.

  • Poor Kim Kardashian, self-esteem ended a little damaged.
  • Anyway, these girls belong to different categories.
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