White Diamond Weighing 100 Carats Auctioned In New York

Posted On 21 Apr 2015
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Tag: White diamond price may be around US$25 million, White diamond weighing 100 carats auctioned in New York

A “flawless” 100-carat jewel in an exemplary emerald-cut could get between US$19 million to US$25 million at closeout.

“This 100.20-carat diamond is the meaning of flawlessness. The shading is more white than white. It is free of any inner defects,” Sotheby’s New York gems office head Gary Schuler said in an announcement, comparing its straightforwardness “to a pool of frosty water”.

The inside immaculate D shading stone is the main excellent emerald-cut white diamond of the most elevated shading and clarity and more than 100 carats to come to sell, as per Sotheby’s, which will offer the diamond on Tuesday.

The diamond was mined in southern Africa inside the most recent 10 years and weighed more than 200 carats before it was cut and cleaned, the closeout house said.

The proprietor wished to stay unknown.

Just five “impeccable” precious stones more than 100 carats have sold at closeout in the most recent 25 years, with a 118-carat oval-cut stone bringing US$30.6 million at Sotheby’s in 2013. It set a record for a white precious stone.

A record for any diamond is US$46 million for a 24.78-carat emerald-cut pink stone, set at Sotheby’s in 2010.

It likewise set a record for any gem at closeout.

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