Florida Executed A Prisoner Sentenced For The Murder Of Two Women

Posted On 15 Feb 2014
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Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the death warrant.

Florida authorities executed Robert Lavern Henry on 20 March for the murder of two women in 1987, which will make him the 84th prisoner executed in this state since the death penalty was reinstated in 1976, officials said.

Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the death warrant within 24 hours after the Cuban Juan Carlos Chavez, convicted of the murder in 1995 of child nine years of Jimmy Ryce, received a lethal injection at a state prison in the state.

Lavern Henry, 55, was sentenced to death for the murder in Deerfield Beach, north of Miami, Phyllis Harris, 53, and Janet Cox Thermidor, 35, which attacked with a hammer and subsequently burned to kill them.

One victim gave him away

The condemned man was working in a garment factory with victims and had plotted to steal this. A Harris handcuffed, blindfolded, dragged to a bathroom and hit his head with a hammer, the same one that attacked after Thermidor. Subsequently, both bodies sprayed with flammable liquid and set them on fire.

Thermidor, with burns over 95% of his body, did not die instantly, but survived long enough to identify Lavern as the perpetrator in a recorded by the police before dying declaration time.

Lavern Henry confessed to the killing, but later recanted and said at trial that others were stolen in the hotel.

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