Running the Cuban Juan Carlos Chavez

Posted On 13 Feb 2014
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Tag: Cuban Juan Carlos Chavez, murder of the child Jimmy Ryce

Florida authorities revealed that Juan Carlos Chavez was pronounced dead at 8:17 pm Wednesday after a lethal injection at the state prison.

Running the Cuban Juan Carlos Chavez, who was sentenced to death for the murder of the child Jimmy Ryce in 1995, was delayed by over an hour while the highest court in the nation considered the last effort by Chavez to postpone the lethal injection.

However, the Florida Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the defense of Chávez around 7:20 pm, according to EFE.

In his last hours, the Cuban ordered a Ribeye steak with fries and strawberry ice cream, accompanied by a mango juice.

Juan Carlos Chavez received an injection of Midazolam hydrochloride, a drug that has been controversial since its approval last September as part of the lethal cocktail in the state.

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