Shocking “Rescue” A Child On A Highway In Florida

Posted On 23 Feb 2014
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The woman used first aid to save his nephew on a highway.

It was about 2:30 pm; Highway 826 to Miami was saturated when a motorist stopped his vehicle hit and fell hopeless with a baby in her arms screaming for help.

The baby was his nephew five months and was purple. The little boy had stopped breathing. Pamela Rauseo was in shock, but I could not let anything happen to her baby sister. So it was there in the heat of the asphalt knelt and began to make resuscitation the baby.

Al Diaz, Miami Herald photographer and Pulitzer Prize winner, was driving behind Rauseo. With his camera managed to capture the shocking moment.

“As a photo journalist you want to capture these images, but as a human being you want to help,” he told the New York Daily News.

Diaz could do both. While Rauseo gave him mouth-to-mouth small Sebastian, Diaz ran between cars to get help.

Meanwhile, another car came down Lucila Godoy, who left her three year old son in the car to offer help.

Diaz managed to find the police, of Sweetwater, who accompanied him to try to resuscitate the baby was in the arms of her aunt.

Amauris lifted him into the air, moved up and down. The baby began to breathe and mourn. But in a moment he stopped breathing again. Bastidas made him the “bumps” in the heart to revive him.

A few cars behind was the captain and Lieutenant Anthony Alvaro Trim Toñánez Unit Hazardous Materials Miami-Dade. They had heard the emergency call over the radio and did not hesitate to get off to help. An ambulance was on its way.

Once Toñánez ensured that Sebastian had not blocked airways, the boy was taken by the Miami Fire Department of Pediatrics unit at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

In Holtz Pediatric Critical Care Sebastian was assisted by doctors and nurses. This afternoon, Dr. Juan Solano gave a press conference and explained that the little baby was admitted in critical condition but is now stable.

It was learned that Sebastian was born prematurely and suffers from respiratory problems that would have caused the failure.

“Many people in this country lsavan lives. God wanted me to touch me today. I acted as a parent. I have three children,” said Bastidas night in a television interview. Earlier, he had called the hospital to check on her a little. The officer promised to visit him and said he was dying to embrace him.

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