To Hispanic Senator Accused Authorities Of Corruption And Fraud Delivered

Posted On 25 Feb 2014
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California Hispanic Senator Ron Calderon, accused of 24 counts of political corruption and fraud, surrendered Monday to authorities as was expected, the Prosecutor announced.

Senator Ronald Calderon California was taken into custody after surrendering to federal authorities,” he said in a statement Thom Mrozek, spokesman for the Attorney Central District of California, Los Angeles.

Democratic Senator, 56 Representative District 30 California, corresponding to Montebello, east of Los Angeles, was indicted by a federal grand jury to have received more than $ 100,000 in “kickbacks to maintain or promote favorable laws the film industry “and some health services.

Among the charges against Calderon include electronic and mail fraud, bribery, conspiracy and money laundering and tax fraud among others.

According to the indictment, the Hispanic senator promoted a bill to provide tax relief to the film studios in 2009 and helped him to stay unchanged for several years legislation making insurers had to pay inflated prices for health teams.

His brother is involved

Along with Calderon, and in what authorities have called “the greatest fraud in the history of insurance in California” was also accused his brother Thomas Calderon, 59.

The investigation alleges that in addition to the money received, solicited and accepted Sen. Air tickets, dinners at exclusive restaurants and travel to play golf in exchange for their legislative support.

Calderon also allegedly failed to make deals that pay about $ 30,000 to his son for summer jobs as a clerk and to nominate his daughter in a position with $ 3,000 a month for a nonexistent job.

One of the keys in the FBI investigation people is Michael D. Drobot, principal owner and head of a group of health care in California and generous donor of Calderon and his brother Tom and who pleaded guilty to conspiracy and bribery.

If convicted of the 24 counts of the indictment, Calderon faces a maximum sentence of 396 years in federal prison.

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