‘Candy Crush’ Goes Public

Posted On 24 Feb 2014
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The company King Digital Entertainment, responsible among others the popular video game “Candy Crush Saga” seeks to obtain $ 500 million in its next IPO, according to a submission to the Commission on the Securities Market (SEC), reports the EFE.


The company, which plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the symbol “KING“, did not specify the number of shares it will sell or the price of each.

The operation comes after the company shut 2013 with a profit of more than $ 567 million, compared to less than 8 million last year.

The rapid growth

This rapid growth is one of the attractions that showcases the company in its communication, which also highlights have about 128 million users, ensuring they play their games every day, and its presence in the mobile world.

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