Create Alert Baggage Explosives Hidden In The Shoes Of Passengers

Posted On 20 Feb 2014
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The measure would imply an increase in reviews Length passengers with X-ray

The Department of Homeland Security United States (DHS) warned airlines about the existence of a “threat” credible bomb.

According to NBC, the agency said that flights from abroad towards that country could carry passengers with explosives in his shoes.

According to a report, airlines are particularly reviewing shoes all passengers traveling for the United States from abroad.

The measure would imply an increase in full-length reviews of passengers, with X-rays, and inspection in airport terminals.

In 2001, a case was registered

The DHS said the warning answered “credible” reports that warn of possible attacks on passenger aircraft, as well as a precaution based on the regular policy of sharing relevant threat information with domestic and international partners.

However, he clarified that there is a threat involving “any particular country.”

According NOTIMEX implies, in December 2001 hidden explosives were found in the shoes of Richard Reid, who tried to set off a flight from Paris to Miami, which led to the largest deployment of airport security after the attacks of September 11, that year.

Reid was subdued by passengers and several serving a life sentence in prison.

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