Eight Corvettes Fall Into A Large Cavern In Kentucky Museum

Posted On 13 Feb 2014
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A huge sinkhole in the National Corvette Museum in Kentucky caused eight vehicles falling over each other while the exhibit was closed to the public.

In this regard, the spokesman for the city of Bowling Green, Kim Lancaster, said the hole opened Wednesday morning, but no one was in the museum at the time.

Meanwhile museum spokeswoman, Katie Frassinelli said that six of the cars were owned property and two a ZR-1 Spyder 1993 and 2009 ZR1 Blue Devil, were on loan from General Motors.

Among the damaged car collection also find a 1962 Corvette, the one millionth Corvettes, 1992 and a model built in 1993 to celebrate the anniversary of the brand.

It has 25 to 30 feet deep

According to AP reports, the tunnel opened in a cross-sectional area covered by the dome of the museum, the original part of the enclosure which was completed in 1994.

The Fire Department estimated that the collapse is 12.2 meters (40 feet) long and between 7.6 to 9.2 meters (25-30 feet) deep.

So far no explanation for the appearance of the hole was not given.

“It’s certainly a sad day here,” said the museum’s executive director, Wendell Strode.

Note that the city of Bowling Green, Kentucky, is the only place where General Motors manufacture the iconic Corvette.

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