Russia Enters Crimea And Kerry Travels To Ukraine

Posted On 03 Mar 2014
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John Kerry, U.S. secretary of state, traveled to Ukraine on Tuesday to meet with authorities.

In Ukraine, anti-Russian, they say that the invasion of the Crimea Vladimir Putin began on February 28. Military sources say the Russian armed forces today completed the full control over the Black Sea peninsula, raising tension in the region.

A senior officer of USA confirmed that the Russian Armed Forces have “full operational control of the Crimea,” according to CNN.

Yesterday, the Russian Senate gave the green light to President Putin to send troops to Crimea to stabilize the situation in the troubled Ukraine.

Ukrainian Crimea Autonomous Republic is one in which 60 percent of the inhabitants are ethnic Russians or Russian speakers and it does not recognize the authority of the interim president of Ukraine.

After three months of protests that ended with 100 dead, President Viktor Yanukovych resigned 10 days ago and went into exile in Russia. Instead, assumed interim basis Alexandr Turchinov it aligned with Europe, far from Moscow.

Although the international community warned Putin that the deployment of troops in Ukraine would be considered “an act of aggression” and the U.S. even threatened to boycott Russia in the G8, the group of eight most industrialized nations, the Russian president said today that the measures taken are “absolutely proportional to the extraordinary situation created” in that country due to boom and ultranationalist threat to the life of Russian speakers.

In a telephone conversation with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin insisted that in Ukraine there is a “persistent danger of violent actions by ultranationalist forces that threaten life and the legitimate interests of Russian citizens and the entire Russian-speaking population” RIA Novosti state news agency reported.

In Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk said Sunday there is no reason for Russia to invade Ukraine. “We are on the brink of disaster,” he warned. “We believe that our Western partners and the entire global community will support the territorial integrity and unity of Ukraine”.

The pro-Russian Crimean authorities, emboldened by the announced arrival of Russian troops in the Ukrainian republic, now openly rebelled against Kiev, to create your own manifest Navy and its intention to acquire the status of state through a referendum.

“Until today we have a legitimate president, who voted for the majority of the population of Crimea, and (deposed) Viktor Yanukovych,” said Vladimir Konstantinov today, president of the Crimean Parliament, a body that “does not recognize the authorities in Kiev “.

Backed by Russia, Ukrainian autonomy prepares to cast off from the new authorities in Kiev in a referendum scheduled for March 30. “We will raise the issue of changing the autonomous status of Crimea to state statute. And on this basis we plan to build relationships with the central government on contractual principles, “he said at a press conference Konstantinov.

In fact, a truck arrived today at the gates of Parliament in the Crimean capital Simferopol, and workers began to withdraw Ukrainian, yellow and blue flags of the square to substitute Crimean, blue, white and red flags, the same colors of the Russian flag.

Meanwhile, the pro-Russian Crimean Prime Minister Sergey Axionov, whose legitimacy is not recognized Kiev, today announced the creation of the Navy of the autonomous republic.

The command of this Navy Admiral Denis correspond to Berezovsky, who, according to the Crimean government itself has sworn allegiance to autonomy after deserting as commander in chief of the Ukrainian Naval Forces, a position he had taken on Saturday.

Meanwhile, in Simferopol nobody seems to want a war, but those who protested today, Sunday, in the city center with Russian tricolors are anxious because the Kremlin will help them to break ties with those who overthrew President Yanukovych in Kiev.

“Before they came to power in Kiev (Prime Minister Arseniy) Yatseniuk and friends, no one wanted the independence of Crimea. Now, however, it is clear that we cannot continue to live together,” he told the news agency Efe Sveta, a native Russian withdrawal professor of Simferopol.

Although it has not fired a single shot, special units armed and masked his Force unmarked or countries they belong to men have taken control of key strategic points in the city.

Several soldiers with Kalashnikov rifles, one with a bazooka on his back, were posted today in the vicinity of imposing government building, where people came in droves to express their gratitude.

The same scene was repeated in Parliament, while in the vicinity of the airport, on the outskirts of the city, another menacing command of about 30 personnel dressed all in black made no effort to go unnoticed.

“Son Russian special forces. No doubt’s Why not worn distinctive. They do not want to recognize them,” said Alexei convinced a cabbie Crimea.

Not everyone thinks alike; as members of the “patriotic” militias with red bracelet dealing ensure public order in every corner of the city deny that they are Russians. “They are of ours where would they be?” Replies one of the most awful veterans.

Drawing is Sunday, hundreds of onlookers approached Lenin Square, where the government is, to express their support for the Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Glory to Russia! Glory to Putin!” Cried the present among those who had both children and adults and the elderly.

When the sun fell, most participants returned to their homes, but some said they would stay overnight.

“We must protect the statue of Lenin extremists”, Piotr, a man in his 30s, referring to nationalists who have already downed several statues of the founder of the Soviet Union in different cities said.

A poster hanging on the pedestal, which has placed several bouquets of red roses, reads: “No to mind touch our leader”.

“Those who made the revolution believe that Europe will receive them with open arms. They are very wrong. The European Union does not need to Ukraine at all,” Alexander told a pensioner.

It refers to the origin of the protests that began in November and did not stop until the overthrow of Yanukovych. At that time, the pro-Russian president rejected a deal to join the European Union to maintain ties with Russia. The dreams of thousands of Ukrainians were shattered, but did not sit idly by and took to the streets to protest.

Ukraine’s population of 46 million inhabitants has divided loyalties between Russia and Europe. Much of the western preferred closer ties with the European Union, while regions in the east and south, as Crimea, were attracted to Russia.

Given this scenario, Russia saw in the riots a chance to re-take control of Crimea, an autonomous republic that belonged until 1954, in which six out of 10 residents are Russian speakers.

Crimea is also home to a military base in the Black Sea Fleet of Russia and Ukraine is crossed by pipelines and key to transport Russian fuel pipelines to Europe.

Given the unstable situation, the U.S. secretary of state, John Kerry will travel to Kiev on Tuesday to express U.S. support for the Ukrainian authorities to the Russian military intervention in Crimea, announced today the State Department.

Kerry asked President Putin to withdraw its armed forces and the deployment of troops called for “an incredible aggression.”

Meanwhile, U.S. President Barack Obama spoke by phone a half hour with Putin on Saturday and expressed his “deep concern” about “Russian clear violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the White House said. Obama warned that “if Russia continues to violate international laws that will lead to greater political and economic isolation.”

Between January and February, an estimated 675,000 Ukrainians were exiled to Russia to escape the chaos, according to the Service of the Russian Border Guard. They fear conflict humanitarian crisis unfolds. Source: Reuters and AP.

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