Arrested At The White House On Immigration Reform Activists

Posted On 18 Feb 2014
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Thirty religious and labor in favor of immigration reform activists were arrested Monday outside the White House, where President Barack Obama demanded an end to deportations.

With demands for urgent and chanting religious prayers immigration reform, parishioners of different religious denominations and leaders laborers knelt in front of the executive residence to be arrested by the police orderly.

“Not another deportation” chanted the protesters, while more than a hundred police officers Parks as well as the RCMP conducted their arrest and transfer.

The Bishop Minerva Carcano of Los Angeles, one of those arrested, said he did not mind being detained because the goal was to send the message to the president to use his compassion to stop the separation of families,

“Too many families divided in two by the injustice of our broken immigration system,” he lamented.

About a dozen patrols and mounted policemen peaceful demonstration passed without incident in front of the eyes of hundreds of tourists, as part of the holiday for President’s Day.

The activists formed a line and walked toward the front sidewalk of the White House. A first group knelt carrying banners saying “Ni Una Deportation More”. The activists formed a second row with a yellow blanket.

Several organizations present

Gerardo Torres, an illegal immigrant who traveled from Arizona, said that deportations have been in crisis for the immigrant community.

“We hope the president listens and teach by example,” he said.

The demonstrators included members of the network were to National Organization (NDLON) last February 4 filed a legal petition to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) suspend deportation undocumented immigrants.

The petition, filed on behalf of a group of undocumented immigrants facing deportation proceedings and supported by Cardozo Law School, argues that President Obama has the executive power to stop the separation of families.

A protest was also attended Harriet Jane Olson, of the United Methodist Church Women and members of the organization Puente Arizona, the Franciscan Action Network and the Christian Church.

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